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Anyone know where to find these cheap in the EU? 
Wanting to buy a pair of MS-Pro, give me your best offer, EU preferable. Regards Jacob
I'm in need to replace my old worn down HD580's pads, however they seem very very expensive for some pads! Where is the cheapest place to buy some new pads?   Also, international shipping would be needed, as I live in Denmark.   Regards Jacob
Hi, looking for a pair of MX980's shipped to Denmark...   Give me an offer I can't resist 
Do you still have these?
I know what the specs should be, but I don't know what PSU quality wise I should go for?
Yes, I know that there are plenty of these threads around, however most of them suggests $100 PSU's and I'm kindda short on money right now, so I need a cheap PSU to replace the standard one, however I don't know which one, I live in Denmark, so it needs to have a european plug and a input of 230V, I've been looking at the PSU on this page: I don't know if it's any good though...     Regards Jacob
Hi! :D Merry Christmas everyone! :)
I'll be sure to come around in Kolding! Looks like a lot of fun as always
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