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 Idiocy, I accidentally merged my Lyr and Bifrost ads. Thanks.
 If this is what your entire point boils down to, then Insidious Meme is correct, we're just going to have to agree to disagree. I know for a fact that I've gained useful information from meet auditions, and you know for a fact that you haven't. End of story.
 This is an interesting finding, perhaps something significant was actually changed from the prototype. It should be interesting to see if others that heard both end up feeling the same way.
 The bottom line is actually that you can't answer a simple question about your grandiose hypothesis and test. (hence the desperate evasion above) The question still stands:  Wink at least made a legitimate attempt at bailing you out . . . 
 The main reason for speakers being returned is that they literally sound differently than they did in the store due to the room acoustics changing. (VERY important aspect with speakers) Room acoustics play next to no part in headphone performance, therefore your analogy makes zero sense. Probably best to just let Spritzer try to explain his theory . . .
 I've clearly TWICE established the fact that I provided the source / recording / material, and if you need an explanation as to why the KS and the LCD2 can't share the same amp, well, there's simply no hope for you. Could Drew have duped everyone by running a modified EQ on their material? Sure, I suppose it's possible. However, it's equally possible that a bunch of narrow-minded Stax fans purposely blackballed a competing electrostatic company's first headphone. Am I...
 I follow what you're saying, but the majority of your listed concerns simply weren't issues for me at this meet. Early on in the meet the place was practically dead and not loud whatsoever, so there wasn't ambient noise to combat, nor did I ever feel rushed to come to a conclusion by someone waiting behind me for a listen. Beyond that, I was able to sample everything I listened to with the exact same source at least twice in back to back comparisons with NO wait. Was it...
 I was joking, hence the emoticon.   (Did you understand that one?)So . . . why, precisely, do you feel meet impressions are, "utterly useless and easily manipulated?" And exactly what kind of test would you have utilized to demonstrate your hypothesis?
 I sincerely hope you're not attempting to insinuate that I'm a "newbie convert." That would be a gross miscalculation.
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