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 Where can I get them for $9? Havent got my t1e's yet, probably got atleast another week and bit to wait. 
Hmm, do you think the kz ed special edition is as good as the pistons 2.0 and the t1e's?
Are the M6 iem still great for the gym? Any other iems i should look at which have good isolation for the gym? Budget around $50
 Which areas do the sony h3's really outshine the t1e's?  
That sucks your t1e's have no bass, luckily I ordered the blue ones so hopefully they will be ok. Can I ask when did you order your t1e's from DX (and how long they took to get to you) because im still waiting for DX to dispatch mine, and that was 5 days ago!
     The clear blue ones look so nice!
How do the t1e's compare to the xiaomi pistons? Ive caved in and ordered a pair from dealextreme, going to have to wait 2+ weeks for them now.
Hisoundfi why dont you make a new thread dedicated to the t1e? Anyone else got more impressions on the ttpod's?
Are the ttpod t1e's genuine from deal extreme do you think?
Does anyone have a picture of how the ttpod t1e's look in ear? Cant find any ;(
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