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The t1e's have better highs and extend further. They do male vocals pretty well, overall they are more balanced than the pistons and the bass is cleaner. The pistons have that airy sound, a more fun/ lively sound and better soundstage. 
Wow that mid bass bloat on open box, lol. Im liking the sound of these, surprised how light the housing is and pretty comfy. Back on the burner they go.
Put mh1c tips on, prefer the sound sig compared to stock.
Um clearly blue are much cooler 
I have officially joined team blue :) These ttpods look like $150 iem's. Question, do they change much after burn in?
Does the dgs100 have better detail and clarity than the havi b3?
mochill do these best your iem colletion to? Also Hifisound have you reached 40 hours burn in yet? Looking forward to the review
Any more pictures of this little hybrid? 
Are these about the same size as the pistons? Is the build quality better than the kz ed specials ;)?
Hisoundfi I havent even got my t1e's yet and now this aahhhh :). Hows the fit and and isolation on these? What is the sound signiture? And are they any good for EDM?
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