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Looks like the kz lps will be back to $28 on the 11th november. Is it worth the $28?
Your diagnosis is right ;) They pretty much handle every genre very well. It is an awesome iem, just wish they didnt make them so heavy lol, and the non existent strain relief's on the ear buds do worry me about durability.
The kz se and kz gr definitely punch way above their weight, I would say they compete with iems in the $50 category range. Im actually preferring the sound of the gr to the se. The gr has a smooth treble, very easy to listen for long periods. Hisoundfi honestly I prefer the the se and gr to the TTPOD T1E, for me the T1E's are too laid back. Has anyone got the platinum edition yet?
The kz se sounds very good, it already satisfys my bass needs. It hits hard and has a lot of quantity. The gr with the black filters sounds pretty bad to be honest, with red filters it already has a lot of bass a touch more than the se. Also I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but these two kz iems have the worse driver flex I have ever encountered.
 Hi yeah, im interested in those ANV's, I think they might make a good pair of gym headphones. Hows the fit, Isolation and comfort? And ofcourse hows the sound and what type of sound signiture? Thanks.
Which KZ iem would you guys recommend if I like big bass quantity, similar tuning to the xiaomi pistons? And would they be an upgrade on the pistons?
Im saying around 200 hours for you guys, it took me around 125 hours because I use heavy bass/ trance tracks and I used maximum volume on my mp3 player since the beginning. I know most of you arent as crazy as me putting them on full blast for 125 hours straight with the risk of damage. Anyway does anyone know how many of the dgs100 were produced? Im guessing around 200-300 units?
If the dgs100 doesnt sound right, it means it hasnt had enough burn in. These require minimum 200 hours burn in. You will know when you have burned the iems's enough as they wont have big bloaty mid bass, the highs wont kill your ears, and the instruments wont pierce your ear drums. 
Well I have finally reached what I believe is the final burned in sound. It took 125 hours and bass heavy tracks on max volume on my mp3 player. These things are super detailed and the highs can get a little peaky. The bass has settled down and that mid bass hump is now kept at a minumum. These do get fatiguing after a while. I think I now need my brain to adjust to this sound.
 LOL, your taking so much heat for believing in burn in ;) Its all in the head right? Think these are going to need atleast 200 hours+ to get to the final destination.
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