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If anyone is in Hong Kong and near the Jaben store go in and have a listen to the Acoustune Resonate HS1003. Was really impressed with the sound, the bass impact is near basshead levels. It had good soundstage, nice detail and 3d presentation. I think it retailed for $1720 Hong kong dolllars so its fairly pricey. The only thing I didnt like was the nylon cable, rubber cable and I would have probably brought them. Also I only went to jaben because of lachlanlikesathing Hong...
 Just did a quick search of  the Mannhas E170. These are the kind of earphones i like for the gym. How is the bass impact and quality compared to the zircons? And hows the isolation and microphonics? Thanks. 
Zircons are borderline basshead, fun, full sounding headphone. The Mulas are pretty average, I wouldnt bother getting them if your debating tbh. 
 Havent seen those before, Thanks.
 Thanks for the quick reply, any pics? Also how long did your zircons take to get to the UK?
Do the zircons and mulas come in any retail boxes?
 Ive got the edse, they dont sit in my ears too well at all. I wasnt that impressed with the sound tbh and they have really bad driver flex. And I would stay away from the tenores because of the QC issues. Those mulas actually look very nice, hopefully they will be available on aliexpress soon.
Had a listen on these today and I really enjoyed the sound with wider bore tips. But I was inspecting the earphone and I found a little crack in the shell. Not to happy about this because they have been basically been babied and just been sat in the drawer, used less than 10 times. Thankfully the crack doesnt seem to have affected the sound.
Hows the isolation and fit of these zircons. And would they be any good for the gym?
 How do the xiaomi piston 2's compare to the zircons as they are my current edm faves. Just brought a pair of zircons from aliexpress.
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