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Prefer the vsd2s sound over the an16. The an16's mids sound recessed compared to the vsd2s. 
How is the fit and isolation on the zircons? Would they make good gym earphones? And can anyone take some pics of those white zircons?
I use the green sony hybrids on the an16 and they fit perfect. I also use the sony mh1 tips on the vsd2s. 
Finally received my vsd2s and an16 today. Out of the box I was impressed with the an16, fun sounding, nice bass extension and impact, adequate sub bass, very nice mids. I like the fit, housing is very small and the adjustable nozzle means you can adjust to find a good fit.   VSD2S sounded clear, vocals sound forward, soundstage is wider than the an16. I really like the cable on these, quite thin and dont tangle that easily. Although I do hear some sibilance, hopefully...
Whats your thoughts on them? 
 Why did they put 16 on side? Going to have to cover that if im using them outside lol. In other good news my VSD2S have been shipped! Hopefully will get them next week.
Dear all, We have further updates on the date of dispatch of the VSD2S and VSD2. We are sorry to inform you that there has been an amendment to the previous information that we had disseminated. Previously, we had told all of you that the date of dispatch for your product from us will be dependent on how early you preorder the VSD2/VSD2S during the preorder period. This arrangement was made due to the agreement with Vsonic who had promised to send the VSD2/VSD2S in 2...
 Yeah, I got the email too:The team regret to inform you the dispatch of the VSD2/VSD2S will delayed. The first batch was supposed to be dispatched from 1st April while the second batch was supposed to be dispatched from 4th April. However,  we regret to inform you that the first batch of VSD2/VSD2S will now be dispatched from 6th April while the second batch 9th April.  We apologise for the delay and disappointment. The delay was caused by a slight production delay in the...
Thought I'd make a thread focused on the Vsonic VSD2 / VSD2S and AN16. I have pre-ordered my VSD2S from lendmeurears and as soon as I receive them I will post my impressions on here. With this pre-order Vsonic offered a free iem the AN16, this uses the GR07 driver housed in a GR06 shell. These two iems costs less than $40 so it was a great deal. It will be interesting to see how well they compare to to the VSD1. Note this pre-order offer has now...
Looks like the dgs100 has now sold out on penonaudio. Just listened to kings of leon with these and it sounded amazing, I find it excels with this kind of genre.
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