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I have been listening to a bunch of 80s style electro like Kavinsky. If anyone knows where I can find more music like this be sure to let me know! The best comparison I can think of in popular culture would be the Scarface theme. I have been loving this lately. Below is an example of one of the songs that I have been listening to nonstop.    
Awesome thanks for the suggestion. I actually have a speaker setup at the house and I rarely use cans while at home so I think the HD598 is probably my best bet then. Now I just need to get rid of these D400s. I may at a later date look into the Hifiman ones since I do have a receiver at the house and adding an amp in wouldn't be too difficult.   Thanks again!
Ok so I posted a new thread before I saw this one so I'll post here and close the other one (if I can). Let me know if you need any additional clarification.     Ok so I got a pair of brand new AH-D400s and in short I hate them. Here are a list of my complaints with them and I would like some suggestions for a different pair. Looking for a pair of open sub-$250 cans.   1) Closed construction. I don't like not being able to hear anything around me so looking for...
First things first. This is my first post here so sorry for any errors in my thread/title. I really like this forum, and have learned quite a bit just reading around so thanks for that. Please let me know if you need additional clarification on anything here.     Ok so here is the deal. Last night I traded my old car subs/amp/cap for a pair of AH-D400s and a Rockstar cooler. These cans were brand new so I figured it was a pretty good deal as I hadn't heard much bad...
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