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The most annoying thing about non audiophiles [all the kids in my school] is that they blast their music at extremely unsafe levels. Its annoying for me and it screws up their ears. There is nothing more annoying than listening to my music when I hear Taylor Swift or 1 direction from someone's earbuds.
Most of the kids in my school keep the terrible apple earbuds. The most annoying thing is that they blast music at such dangerous volume which is bad for them and bad for me because I don't want to listen to whatever they're listening to. People need to know what an iem is.
I heard Sony has these noise canceling iems which give you isolation of iem and ANC. There's 2 of them, one is the newer $500 dollar one, the other one is well within your budget. However, if noise isolation is your gf's highest priority get these but I'm sure they don't sound good though.
Im an audio noob but I think circumaural isolates better. The reason is that circumaural surrounds the ears completely and seals it, supraaural just rests on the ears. All ears are different so there may be a small gap between the supraaural headphone and your ear from ear shape.
I want a headphone that sounds balanced and accurate. Im fine with passive or active noise cancellation as long as it isolates a good amount but not so much I can't hear important stuff. Also are ms01's good earbuds?
Im a audio noob looking for some good IEMs or headphones for around $100, max is $120. I want headphones that sound great and balanced without bass overpowering mids or something like that. I think Thinksound ms01 is a good pair for $100 but I want to see what audiophiles think.
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