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I want ety plugs too but right I recommend this as a temporary fix. Get swimming earplugs and put cotton under the flange, it reduces more sound. It's not great but decent enough.
My english teacher's friend got it in the same way but he still got it. Also I think us audiophiles should educate people on safe listening and use of earplugs because you can prevent tinnitus from listening to music at dangerous volumes but car crashes are hard to prevent.
For most kids in my grade, max volume is normal. For me however, I consider above 33% loud because of my great hearing
I listen at the lowest volume possible because I have great hearing and I hear faint noises very well and I want to keep my great hearing.
I think putting music at max will cause more wear and tear than at a safe volume.
I got tinnitus not from listening to music at dangerous volume [lowest possible because I got good ears] but from marching band probably and pep rallies and stuff. People gotta use earplugs now.
Rehab by Lecrae. My first album I bought. I forget how I found out about christian rap but he's amazing.
ipod earbuds, the new earpods, beats, skullcandy, bose.
Cherry and lemon pie. Wish I could put them together though
I am becoming an audiophile but I still can give some decent advice. I would not go for vinyl because of price. Vinyl is more expensive and because the recording is on the grooves, I think you need to take good care of it or the grooves get screwed, music gets screwed. Also you need to buy this specialized dust gun thingy that demagnatizes dust to make it easier to clean. Stick with digital even though vinyl sounds better.
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