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Self explanatory.
Sorry I also don't know how all these electronic music genres sound like but according to Wikipedia I think I have a good enough picture. Because of my inexperience with all these electronic music genres, there's some questions you should know the answer to. Is your music low quality. If so get headphones with a warm sound signature, it's forgiving. Do you like a certain frequency more than others (mid for example). Then get a headphone with an emphasis on this. Do you...
To prevent cable breakages, get headphones with detatchable cables. I know there's more brands but I know Shure has all their headphones have detatchable cables. New cable is $20 so just worry about breaking the headphone itself.
I'm a new audiophile so take my advice as a grain of salt. I'm looking into SRH440 headphones, but you like bassy headphones so this is not going to meet your needs cause its neutral (although a little bass weak but can be fixed with SRH840 earpads) so it's good all around but to have other audiophiles help you out what kind of music do you listen to?. Also, audiophiles usually say analytical instead of HD (just means very detailed).
I haven't heard of them cause I listen to mainstream like Lecrae, Hillsong, etc but do they have a free mix tape or something to give me an idea of how they sound like?
For a good first headphone, I heard you should get one with a warm sound signature. It's forgiving for poorly recorded stuff. But m50 I think might be a good choice for your friend, bass is good and so is treble. The mids are recessed so it'll give him what he wants
Don't get a DAC, I heard the default one in the iPod classic is pretty good and DAC might be a waste for this
Probably not.
I know this seems off topic by a lot but I think you should get headphones. Reason is that your sister deserves to have silence when she needs it and you deserve to listen to ur music. If you get headphones, both of you will be happy.
Just ask the guy to turn it down and recommend an iem. Besides, it's a win win, that guy plays music at a lower volume because of the iem and you get to listen to your music.
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