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Today in Spanish after a test I got my headphones out of my locker (SRH440). I assembled them and everybody was staring at me. I guess full size headphones must be like a shock to my classmates. Some people check them however but most people will stick to their apple earbuds at max volume.
That's why I hate marketing, they always lie. That's how beats got great sales. If marketing was honest we would see better and better headphones instead of companies lying about better quality.
I hate mainstream cause they rap about the same things over and over and people buy it. I just listen to Lecrae and I'm sick of all mainstream music because they also talk about the same things.
Minecraft. Not perfect but decent enough. Pocket planes, similar to tiny towers. Angry birds seasons got free :-) Autumn dynasty is a rts and you need good enough skill. Lead wars is turn based and it needs hit and run tactics and ambush. Heroes of order and chaos. Server problems but its great.
Don't use q tips. It says on the package do not inset into ear and it just compresses earwax. What I do is just take a shower and put some water in my ear, it cleans out well. Does anyone use Debrox by any chance though.
I played trombone for 2 years and I learned everything I needed for high school band in a summer. Oh and there's an 8th position when the slide just comes off the inner slide and a 9th position when the slide is on the ground.
I've been playing trombone for 2 years but I learned everything I needed for middle school band in 1 summer. My advice is get a trombone that doesn't have a rotory valve like a Thayer or hagmann valve. The reason is that trombone has a unique tone unlike any other brass instrument because it only has 2 loops or curves. Get open wrap cause it got less curves than traditional wrap. This is a mouthful and By the way I learned about the Thayer valve from my trombone teacher...
I think ANC would be good with iems if they did some more research. The ANC should use frequencies that the ear can't hear and maybe this overkill destructive interference might work, if overkill destructive interference can work I think music can sound better. This is only in theory.
The Rage Against God by Peter Hitchens. Reading cause my pastor read it and mentioned it.
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