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I swear band directors and band members need earplugs (I use firearm earplugs) because a single trombone is 90 db. I think that there should be legislation on volume limits, I heard in Europe the iPod touch can't play louder than 100 db, that's still loud but better than U.S. which can do 115 db. People need to know louder isn't prouder, its just being more of a jerk. If we didn't have the loudness wars we may have a generation with better hearing. Also I noticed that I...
So much people are losing their hearing, I bet that audiologists will make so much money. Also unfortuently you can't reflow those ear hair cells.
Doesn't it annoy you whenever people listen to their music at such high volumes. Seriously, quality not quantity. Also everyone is like the new earpods are so good. But those wimpy earpods can't match up to my Shures. 
I checked online for b and h and the selection is quite limited. Is the store selection much bigger?
The pelican 1120 will definitely fit but its too big, its not right for me.
I can't find a case specifically for headphones from pelican. Can you name the model and price. Also how big will the case be, will it be like a big box or small box.
I need a hard case soon because the sack that came with it has a small hole. It should get worse. I want to know a hard case that fits the SRH440 and also I want it around $20 or less.
15 and freshmen. My headphones are SRH440. After research I found them to be good sounding but uncomfortable. It feels like wearing a vise after time. Everyone else stock apple earbuds at max volume.
I would not use a song at all. Instead I would compare the sound from the headphones to the real sound. This is a good way to measure accuracy.
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