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What about the Fostex PM0.3 ?
I have been looking at the Wharfedale Diamond 10SR would that be good for desktop speakers?
I have thought about that and I plan on buying the speakers first then the sub. Also I want rather small speakers because like i said my desk is small. That why I have been looking at 3 and 4 inch monitors. So would a good option be the AudioEngines or Kanto or something because I know that most good studio monitors are in the 5 inch plus range which is took big for me desk. I'm not looking for anything perfect I just want something that sounds pretty good. Thank you again...
Aren't The monoprice monitors 6 1/2 inch drivers ? that have a large enclose i believe because of that and I don't have the room on my desk for them.
Hi, I just finished building my pc built and I'm looking to buy speakers now. I know most people say its better to get a good 2.0 and add a sub but i have head a lot of good about the m10's. Also the satellites on the m10s are the same size at the three inch monitors i have been looking at. I was wondering what would be the best for me. I currently have a rather small desk so I'm looking at four inch monitors/bookshelf speakers or 2.1 system. I would like to keep it under...
So from what I have read. The lowest CIEMs people consider are two or three driver CIEMs. So I feel like 400 is my new max because the JHA JH5 are 400 and I know that JH are considered one of the best companies for CIEMs. Are there any other CIEMs that river the JHA JH5s ? I see that Cosmic Ears have an option at 400 with three drivers. Also 1964 have two driver CIEMs for 400 also. Should I get two or three driver if I can get either with 400? But is there any one else...
No I have money set aside for the molds. I know some one where I live that's will do it's for 20 bucks because I'm a student. I'm looking to spend up to 350 on ciems.
What price range to good CIEM start in then?
Hey Everyone,   I have wanted a new pair of IEMs for a while now. I current have the Shure 115s there pretty old now and I'm looking to upgrade. I was wondering are CIEM in the 150 to 350 worth it or should i just buy the Shure 215s and pay to get them remolded. I am currently looking at   LiveWires Dual Driver Westone AC10 or CR10 Alclair Duals XB InEarz IE P250 Pro Audio Earz 2X Alien Ears C2 CTM CT 200 Kozee Infinity X2 Gorilla Ears GX-1   If there are any...
For the Koss for a steal so i got them. thanks for every ones input
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