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For the Koss for a steal so i got them. thanks for every ones input
im looking at under 60 dollars
I have narrowed it down to the Koss ProDj100 or the Beyerdynamic DTX 710. Any one have experience with both ?
The Ultrasones i was looking at are the 450 and thanks but i don't trust sony any more.
I Have DT990s and i love them. This set of cans isn't for me. Its for my brother that listen to an ipod touch 4th gen and his hp laptop. He does down load his music only from cd now because of me lol. But he will not have and amp and he looking for good cans under $60. that can lay flat when hes not wearing them. that's why i listed those headphones. Any other suggestions ?  
Im looking to get my younger brother his first set of good head phones. im looking at the Ultrasone HFI-450 Beyerdynamic DTX 710   Koss ProDJ100   Denon AH-D310   which ones would be the best? Thanks in advance.  
Audio Technica ath ad700s are on there for 100
well i want to get the 601 or 602 but the software seems halfed baked
do you think its possible ?  
Well, is it likely to happen bc the new software seems a million times better. or is it more likely you will make new daps with the software instead.  
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