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Well, I picked up an old school mouse pad today.  About 1/8" thick I think.  Cut 2 disks out of it in the shape of the cushions on my m50's.  Shoved them between the cushions and the headphones and now life it good.  No more ear pain.  I can still feel my giant ears press against the inside of the cans but doesn't hurt anymore!
Let me know how it goes!
Thanks, sorry about the spelling, was in a hurry.  I did end up finding a post on here talking about putting foam under the cushions to change the sound of headphones.  They used a mouse pad.  I think I might try that.  Can get a cheap mouse bad for a couple bucks.
Hi, I've been trying out different headphones and been researching online (mostly here) trying to find exactly what I need.  I'm looking for a good sounding bass heavy closed back around the ear headphone.  I purchased an FIIO e11 and I really like the sound quality out of the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro (or Pro 550) and the ATH-m50's with the e11.     With that said, my problem is my large ears.  Both headphones fit around my ears but my ears stick out so they put light...
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