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I just had to post - I bought the PA2V2 and received it this past week - let me just say it is a MUST for ANY M-100 Owner! WOW, What a difference, beautiful sounds must I say the amp is much better than a FiiO or O2 Option!
Hi guys, I purchased both pairs of these cans because I was in need of some new sound! I have been researching a solid portable amp that I can use at home and on the go, I have looked a lot into the JDS Labs CMoyBB and the c421. But I was curious if there was anything else that's really good that I haven't pondered? Preferably looking at something under $150. Thanks!
  Logo turned out great :)
Just sold my LPs (I teared a bit when I sold them) - but now I am investing the money back into a pair of M80s. M100s + M80s = glorious? Now I am looking for a quality amp for both mobile and home listening, does anyone have any suggestions?
So I got my M100s (They shipped to my actual house and my dad shipped them to my dorm so I wouldn't have to pay the stupid tax fees [lol tax evasion!]). Anyways, on the comfort, if you never really attained yourself or used the LPs or LP2s I must say these are MUCH more comfortable then those. I find that the earpads are much more rigid already allowing for your ears to be a lot less scrunched and squished into the actual cup of the headphone.     If you have...
Who else spent 5-10 minutes clicking the "play video" button anticipating for something great to happen. - Here's the actual article with the video attached :)
We were all there once! But this is a $300 investment! Hahaha, that project looked awesome though!
It's not only the fact that they are following a trend but so many kids are corrupted by ****ty rap music that they believe more bass translates into a better quality sounding headphone! I hear kids all the time saying "Oh wheres the bass" "needs more bass" bla bla bla! 80% of our youth is corrupted hahahahaha!
   - The first week or so is going to be a pain. I have relatively large ears, and I've owned my Crossfade LPs for over 2 years now. When I first bought mine the ear pads were in absolutely excrutiating pain simply because my ears weren't used to having that pressure on my ears for long periods of time. All I can say is, your ears within a week or so with relatively solid usage will adapt, don't just sell your headphones because they are uncomfortable for the first week...
It's an epidemic I tell you! I bring my M80s to class all the time, I have 3 other buddies who actually own Beats (2 Studios 1 Solo HD). I've had multiple comments on "What are those?" and people asking to try them asking "Are these as good as beats?" - They'll try them and instantly take them off saying "The bass isn't as good" settling it at that. I tell them these are a much more overall quality headphone than beats, the bass is clearer, more driven etc. and mids and...
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