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Thanks for that info... I wonder why the Gemini one costs a lot less than the others?
 What about the Gemini DJ HSR-1000? Do they sound the exact same as the Kingston HyperX Cloud and Takstar Pro 80? Can anyone else confirm?
 Not sure if this helps or not, but here are some posts from others who have tried stock Q701's / 702.      
 Highly recommended game. Excellent game to play with a group of friends. I have over 1k hours on this game and it's a ton of fun. It's also a great game to test out the soundstage and imaging/positional accuracy of your headphones. Get it while it's still free...
It could be harsh if you're not use to it... or turn them up too loudly.  It would probably be best if you ask people in the Q701 thread or have a listen to them yourself.
I just saw this posted in the AKG K550 thread: 
I just got a black Q701.... nice deal and thanks for posting!
 X2... I felt the same way when I got my Ultrasones 750s. Too much boomy/muddy bass, unnatural mids and congested soundstage IMO.
 X2... not to mention you need to factor in the cost of a decent/powerful amp to drive them to their full potential. Same thing goes for the HE-4. I would love try them out, but they require a powerful amp to sound their best.
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