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Just sold my woodies today, I would be lying if I said I wasn't gonna miss them they had the best sound I have ever heard from a single driver iem. My only complaint was the size and long term comfort I also prefer headphones with a sleeker profile my favorite being the red 535's. I
Hey I'm selling one for 160.
Lack of deals lately.
Pretty good deal! Keep em and make her wait a little longer lol.
That coupon died a while ago it made its way to slickdeals.
Selling a pair of K7XX that I purchased a little while ago, they sound amazing and they look almost brand new. But I want to buy a graphics card for my computer and need to get rid of these hence why I also have my fx-850's for sale. The headphones include both the stock cable and a silver oyaide cable. The silver cable has some damage it got a pinch in the wire but I am pretty sure it is an easy repair but it is sold as is it is just being included. Price does not include...
Selling my fx-850, they are in pretty good condition it has a small scuff on the left bud and light scuff on copper but I think the other picture I took made it worse than it really is because of the light. I took better pictures of the stuff I am including. It only includes a single pair of medium spiral tips. Price does not include shipping but it should be about 8-9 dollars around the U.S. I would prefer payment as gift for international sales.
Hi, I am selling a pair of FX-850's they sound great but unfortunately I bought a pair of k7xx and need to recuperate some funds. They are in pretty good condition I would rate them at 7 out of 10 just because it has a small scuff on the wood and small scuffs on the copper in the back. I think it happened when I laid them on my laptop I am not too sure. Anyway these sound fantastic, I am including the everything except for the tips the guy I bought them with  only gave me...
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