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Sold btw.
Hello I am gauging interest a pair of shure 535's that I recently received about a week and a day ago I received them on January the 15th. I purchased these from an authorized dealer brand new but something came up recently and I decided I would like to get something cheaper I paid more for these but I will get hit with a restocking fee so I would rather sell them even cheaper here. The only thing that I don't know if I threw out was that cardboard sleeve but I will look...
I would just wait it has been 10 dollars more new from adorama quite a few times, the 2 year warranty is worth the extra 4 bucks if you factor in shipping. 
Selling a new 598. Price includes priority shipping if its under 9 bucks. Which it should be in most cases if you wish to check yourself. The weight is 1 lb and 14.02 ounces. I will ship to Canada just cover the extra charge and its all good.
Hey selling a brand new sealed sennheiser 598. Not much to say I need to get rid of these, and if no one wants them they will be going on ebay. This is the same pair I had before just wanted to reopen a new ad to get some interest I have also lowered the price slightly. Price does not include paypal fees or shipping.  I recently went to the post office to weigh the package and it looks like it is 1 lb and 14.02 ounces if you want to check how much shipping will be feel...
Man I was hoping at CES they would finally announce a successor for the hd 650 and hd 600 how old are these heaphones already?
I would just wait till the hd 650's are on sale again for $300 instead of jumping on the hd 600.
Where can someone get a deals for these? And please don't say razordog.
Florida? I don't see why not. Unless there is something special about shipping there it isn't a military base or something is it ???
I tried a pair of these at magnolia of course I didn't plug them into an amp just my cell phone and I must say they sounded pretty good. Of course not as good as the ATH-W1000X next to them. But I suspect it wasn't fair to compare them because of the source, I am quite surprised however that I liked the sound of the 650. I owned a pair about a year ago and didn't like it but I suspect that this pair had ample burn in time and it sounded alot different.
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