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So anyone know what the warranty on the RE-00 is? I can't find anything on the Massdrop site does it even have a warranty?
Is there anyway I can score a RE-00 before august?!
Anyone know how the Re-0 compares to the Re-400? If they share the same midrange then this is a steal, I loved the re-400 but the build quality was subpar.
I was tempted but I am happy with my x2's.
Selling a brand new pair of DT 880's I never used them as I sold my amp before I bought them and never got around to buying one, as I am happy with my current set up. Shipping isn't included or paypal but shipping should be around 15 dollars. 
Ugh thought it was the he-400i reading comprehension failed.
Man I loved the sound signature on my x2's but they developed a farty noise on the bass. I think the driver might be defective, a shame since its sold by amazon warehouse I can only get a refund not a replacement.
Still available
New Posts  All Forums: