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Yeah everything like new and original still have the box and has pokemon x installed 2.
Hey guys I am trying to sell my zelda 3ds xl, it has been used for about 5-6 hours since I bought it. It is in immaculate condition. Please add about 10 bucks for shipping and paypal. At this moment I am not really looking for trades. Unless you have a pair of shure 535's, in which case let me know.
Good price but weren't these $500 at some point last year?
Thanks, these sound amazing so I might regret selling them :D
Heya, I am selling a pair of q701 in great condition they are like new. They still have the plastic on the cups used maybe about 4-5 hours. They are about 2-3 months old, I am the first owner unfortunately I don't have the original receipt ect so It isn't included. Anyway I am selling these for 140 shipping and paypal and you or send as gift. Shipping should be about 10-12 bucks it includes the box and the other cable (not pictured) sorry for the pics the flash is pretty...
Sold to Murano!
Well, I heard the same thing supposedly there is a website that sell nothing but filters, I think they are color coded and the green ones get rid of the roll off on the treble which is supposedly the only difference between them. However I much prefer the aesthetics of the red model then that of the bronze or clear. I loved my red 535's and regret selling them so much.
Selling a mint condition pair of re-400's I got them in a trade and wanted to try them out. I actually like the sound alot I just wish the isolation was a bit better. Price doesn't include shipping or paypal so send as a gift, I estimate shipping around 10 bucks since its priority. It includes a lot of tips and the little pouch.
God I miss my red 535's anyone know where I can pick them up cheaper than msrp? I know they sell for about 380 used on amazon and ebay but I would really like a new pair preferably around that price range.
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