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Im leaning towards the kz ate because they look to have better fit for jogging and gym, but also for daily use.
Would you recommend the kz ate or one of the other kz for electronic/dub step music. Also how is the fit and the tips. Im seing more talk about the other kz products on here, and was considering getting an ate before but now idk.
how good are they in comparison to other lower end headphones. I'd love to see what some well-versed audiophiles think about them. this is what they look like. But the news on the XDA dev forum is that they are unbranded beats, or HTCs best competitor to the beats headphones. How does the sound quality compare to other headphones, such as kliplish, and sennheiser (p.s. ssry if i spelled stuff wrong)
definitley looks like it won't fall out of your ear if you have small ears, id love to se how he did it
Hello, im new here on head-fi, and im looking for some nice ear-buds. currently i have these: i just want to know if there's any newer/ better options. I listen to r&b, i prefer silicon tip ear-buds to hard, i don't mind base but not excessive. just something that works. noise isolating. my budget is like 20-25 usd$ I've seen some db-logic ep-100's around but i don't know if...
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