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The features of the DG makes a differences in gaming?
  Yes i have a front connector but is very faulty.  So the DX + E11 would be the better option. The DG comes second and the onboard + e11 comes third, right?
  I didn't know that the onboard has an amped line output. To my knowledge the headphone jack is the line out also there is subwoofer, side speaker, rear speaker, mic and line in jack. Nothing more.   From what i reading the DX wouldnt be enough to replace the onboard solution. What do you think about the DG?
I appreciate your advice. But i saw: Returns not accepted... No thanks. It is a nice price but i had to wait for seven days for customs te release my sgs3. Plus the non return policy doesn't inspire me confidence.   But in your opinion the upgrade to the DX from the onboard is worth it?
I know. But buying the FIIO E11 cost almost the same as the DX around  117 Usd. For a little more i prefer changing the soundcard. If the sound quality is worth it. What do you think? I fear to buy things offfshore mainly beacause customs restrictions and the warranty .The problem with the DG is that i plan to get a second graphic card in the future and i don't get enough space. Really is not a problem to buy offshore is that i have to pay a 15% tax when you buy things...
Thanks for your detailed answer. My 5.1 setup is pretty basic i have a Microlab X15 (cheap i know) connected via 3.5 analog connector. I found the spec sheet of the alc892    http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/datasheets/ALC892-CG_DataSheet_1.3.pdf   From your point of you it is worth upgrading from the ALC892 onboard solution to the xonar DX? or i just get a headphone amp for the ALC892?   From the quality and quantity sound output point.I'm mainly interested of...
I can get the titanium hd  but is nearly double the price of the DX. It is really that much of a difference?  About local. Yeah i would prefer to buy locally for warranty reason exclusively but if i can get a nice price offshore i wouldnt mind.   In my country sound's equipment is rare and expensive. The DX is about 155 USD The DG is about 50 USD And the Fatal1ty HD is about 370.   Pricey don't you think. For give an example the Essence STX is about 360...
Wow. 52 views and only three posts.   Very nice.
Thanks for the input. I can't find any info about the alc892 on the p8p67pro. The main problem of the DG is the PCI port and here the dgx is nowhere to be found. So the Dx is my best choice in thar price range the next best thing is the Fatal1ty(no thanks).   The ALC892 has a poor output power, my Galaxy s3 can drive the hd598 better. It would be nice to have someone that had tried both alc892 and the dx...
What about using the front panel output?.
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