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But obviously On the Phoebus it's gonna sound louder and better than in the DX + Fiio e11 or the DG only.
Also the Phoebus is a good option. A bit pricey but it has what i what i need and more. Anyone has any experience with this board? Does this card and mines HD598 makes a good combo?
In case that i would like to buy a STX what device i could use to conect the STX with my 5.1 System, remember it is analog only.
Yeah i know. Is what we have here. It's a shame. All imported electronics are overpriced in this place. I had to pay around 400 for the HD598. And the STX is around 400.   So the DGX is the way to go.  Thanks.
  I like the combination of the DX + Fiio E11. The problem here is the price. In your personal experience does the sound differ to much between the DG and the DX?   Is the difference between resolution (DG, alc892)96KHz vs 192 KHz (DX) noticeable?
  The problem with the stx is that i will only use it for headphones, as the 5.1 i hace has only analog inputs. For now the DG is taking all the points. But  i'm worry that with the DG the quality will be inferior to the onboard (spec wise the ALC892 has superior quality). Perhaps the better option is the DX + an amp, could you recomend me one that is AC powered?
Thinking about the STX, it is really worth it over the DX?
I think i will go for the DG. Mainly for the price, i think that only the head amp only it's gonna make a huge difference over the 892 chipset. Plus eax it's a no brainer.
Mhh. What about eax?
So why the prive diff is almost the doble. Because a head amp plus the price the dg is a no brainer
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