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I finally get the DG for about 48 USD vs DX  usd 157 vsthe Phoebus with a price of 400. A great value if you ask me.
Another Doubt, does the DG support full duplex hd playback?
  Thanks for the advice. I will think about it. After reading This review:   The Phoebus leaves me a bad taste. The DSX and DGX according this review are very close to the Phoebus. And remember that soundcard cost almost the triple that the DGX. That is not very encouraging.   The thing with the Titanium HD is the lack of 5.1 analog output this is a deal braker for me. And the raving...
  Does not the Xonar Cards emulates EAX which is the point of DirectSound? From what i know since Vista Directsound in no longer used since then it is emulated, correct if i am worng. Anyway checking some prices the Titanium HD is way over the price of the Phoebus. And the features of the phoebus it suits me better.
For the people who really know about this, is the Phoebus a good card? (Compared to the DX)   Is the Titanium HD is as good as the phoebus?
  From what i know the Phoebus and the STX are almost the same board. I can't wait to get my hands on that board. For years i wanted to buy a serious souncard. Now i can.
Are you using the onboard sound card? I decided to go with Phoebus. It is expensive i know but i prefer to spend big one time that little few times. Besides it give room if i want to buy bigger headphones tomorrow. Thanks for the advices guys...
I found this:     It seems to be that the output impedance is 200. How do you make the calculations? It also  describes an ampliified output but there is no reason to believe that the mobo has an head amp. It seems that the DX at least sounds equally (Volume speaking) as the ALC892 and adding the enhacements of the DX it is a good purchase. Anything to add?
Searching deeper i found that the alc892 has a full scale voltage output of 1.2 Vrms and the DX 2.0 Vrms. Do this means that the DX sounds louder than the ALC892?
  I see. i will think about it, Because the price DX + E11 is almost the same as the Phoebus (Yeah i know......) adding 7.1 analog connection and (almost) the same sound quality as the STX. Without adding additional equipment and the hassle of replacing batteries. And it give some future proof regarding headphones. It's a very big jump from the ALC892, But i'm excited what a good sound card could add to my gaming sessions.   I'm not discarding the other options but...
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