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 Sweet looking forward to it! And people please stop all this offtopic/nomax bulls**t, lol.
 +1. Every time I read tdock's comments it's like watching him having sex with his Q701. I think he too hastily rushed saying that annies sounded farty and now he takes something back with the K712. For everything I've read K712 and annies can't be that different.
He's just having fun with his tubes that's all :) I found some of those comments to be quite hilarious actually. My favorite was "another WOW effect or excuse to ask your girlfriend(s) going into your bedroom", lol. I guess for my wife these tubes are more of a turn off than a foreplay :D
 No problem. We're here to help ;) So you're confirming that T1 has enough juice to power HE-400.
 I have added this post to the list of tube impressions. Because you already have quite many tubes (and maybe even more to come) I'd suggest you to put one good photo and a review per tube (maybe put those single/double support Russians side by side?). This way the post stays as informative and easy to read as possible. If you later review more tubes remember to update this pool post also. You have lots of useful detailed info in these four posts below, so maybe you should...
Manual and gain settings are now included to the info post.
Aune T1 gain settings:  
Aune T1 manual:        
 What about reading the manual and testing which gain setting works for you :D
 It's cool when you hear those super transparent tubes for the first time. That's what I get from my Amperex 7308 as well. It's warm, musical and so transparent that it indeed feels almost holographic. You instantly know that it's a great tube. Seems like this 6GM8 OG could be cheap substitute for the 7308. Gongratulations for the find!
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