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 Only in-ear headphones? Any chance to get some decent full sized mid to high end over-the-ear headphones?
 This is indeed interesting. Their target is obviously HD800 and the pricing implies they believe K812 to be superior product. I've been having conversations with local AKG retailer and he offered to arrange me a demo session after we get the first K812 to Finland.  Please tell me where to get omega stands for that price. I would immediately buy me a second one.
 E17 and E18 has built in DAC. If you don't really need any portable devices, check the link in my signature to learn more about Aune T1. T1 is an affordable high price over performance tube DAC SS amp. You can of course get DAC and amp separately, but that usually costs more than the dac-amp combos (especially in your price range). T1 fits your budget and has very nice synergy with annies (amp is on the natural / slightly bright side. I wouldn't recommend too dark...
 E18 is the successor to the popular E17 portable DAC amp. E17 had built in EQ for treble and bass as well as different gain settings. Unfortunately, it also had some battery problems and it lacked android support. E18 should have these faults fixed + you can use it as a backup battery for your mobile phone. I think it also has some improved hardware chips. If you want both portability and versatility from your dac-amp combo (not sure if you need dac-amp or amp only) E18...
 E18 should also be on your list. Especially so if you have android devices.
 +1. That's a fair price.
I doubt that it's actually in stock just yet. Delivery is two weeks so I guess they are just about to receive the units. Well hopefully E18 is soon available from too. I wouldn't pay €170 for it though.
 I apologize, that was indeed immature of me. And you're right I haven't tried the K712. Like I said my opinion is based on what I've read here and other places. Hopefully I get to test K712 next month at hifiexpo.
 Sweet looking forward to it! And people please stop all this offtopic/nomax bulls**t, lol.
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