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Aune T1 gain settings:  
Aune T1 manual:        
 What about reading the manual and testing which gain setting works for you :D
 It's cool when you hear those super transparent tubes for the first time. That's what I get from my Amperex 7308 as well. It's warm, musical and so transparent that it indeed feels almost holographic. You instantly know that it's a great tube. Seems like this 6GM8 OG could be cheap substitute for the 7308. Gongratulations for the find!
 Hi! I have K702 anniversaries, which are warmer more linear than the standard versions, and they do have very good synergy with the T1. The K701 without anniversary pads could, however, be a bit too much on the bright side (because both your cans and T1 are on the bright side). With this combo you'd definitely want warm sounding tube. The soundstage is there and T1 has plenty of power to drive X7XX, so no worries. With T1 you basically get brightish SS amp with tube dac....
 +1. That would probably be my dream headphone.
 I also agree with the review, except X1 is probably better gaming/media headphone (more exciting and fun. I'm not into competitive gaming so can't comment on that). In addition, I don't consider revealing nature to be a flaw. With good properly mastered source the upper mids and highs sound fantastic. They can get slightly fatiguing, especially with rock, but luckily I can ease this issue by tube rolling. Oh and I should probably note that my opinions are based on the...
 Have you considered Aune T1? I'm happy with my T1-Anniversary combo (and I've tested Lehmann linear, dacmagic plus, E17 just to mention few). Works fine with 0 gain. There are also +10db and +16db gain options if you need to go really loud.
 Because T1 is practically an ss amp with tube DAC, the tube rolling doesn't have as significant effect to the sound as the dedicated tube amps do. Therefore, to get the best out of tube rolling, more refined cans are recommended. If you're not planning on upgrading your headphones I'd stay with the E17. With E17 you can also EQ if needed. Other than that T1 is simply fantastic amplifier for the price. I pair T1 with K702 anniversaries because the anniversaries hit the...
 I haven't tried T1 as DAC only but the amp is on the bright side.
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