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Quote: So what you're saying is that by increasing the volume from 20% to 60% you recess the vocals from 70% to 40% (in relation to the mix)? In my opinion this just can't be true.  Hmm I doubt it. Wouldn't this have huge effect to the headphone measurements? Maybe with high volumes our ears "block" some frequencies that are more harmful to the ear? If this was the case shouldn't it be treble that gets recessed? Its never the vocals (mids) that fatigue my ears. Mostly bass...
 I've been using tape to get it off and on. 
If you want to just try many different tubes I suggest to buy only one pc.
 Don't be so modest. It's a good read with lots of writing and effort behind ;)
 +1. If I ever need to upgrade I'll just buy new amp and use T1 as a DAC. This is very good low cost mid level amp/dac and won't be obsolete even if you need stronger amp in some point of your life.  Thanks for your impressions. Do you mind if I link this post to the info page?
bad tube bad unit who knows
I'm not here to argue about the sound differences because some of us hear differences between tubes and some of us don't. There are so many small things to be taken into consideration when doing critical listening that I'm not even going to start. I just want to note that during the golden years of tube technology there were no restrictions of what materials could be used in tube production. Therefore, tubes of today do not necessarily have the same materials as what the...
 I remember users who had the same problem with K702 anniversaries. Not sure what causes the rattling, but such defective units should be returned.
 Could you give me the link for this post, thanks!
 So when is this going to happen?
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