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 Don't forget to browse ebay.de also. Specific "tubetype / manufacturer röhre" search could give you some interesting hits.
 Thick part back.  Yes any position will do.
Not the greatest audio but I really like this guy!  
I think those sabre DACs are very good and I'd love to compare one against T1. I'm not, however, a big fan of he-400.
 You got very good point here my friend. I'll probably keep Hifimediy + M-stage as my backup plan if something happens to my aune. Too much money invested in tubes to let this baby go.
 Thanks for the post. Very interesting results indeed. I may have to take my words back about not wanting to roll DACs and seriously consider hifimediy to do some testing. Just to be clear this hifimediy of yours has USB receiver chip with 96khz/24bit USB input support + sabre conversion chip (SA9023) as compared to BurrBrown PCM1793 with T1, right? I've heard lots of good things about sabre and maybe it's time to check it out myself.
 Yeah people are often asking for the best product when they should be asking for the best synergy. Been to several hifi meetings with my headphones and tested different amplifiers. Some of them have been better than T1, but you definitely start hitting those diminished returns with more expensive products. Trust me folks, T1 is very nice product for the money (another good price over performance dac/amp is Fiio E17. No tube rolling but you get EQ instead). At least I'm...
 I think richard is talking about the synergy between T1 and he-400, so unless you own he-400, I don't see how this would be bad news for you. He is saying that hifimediy is less bright (and softer) than T1 so it tames the treble of he-400 and therefore has better synergy. If you are using T1 you should definitely try one of the better tubes available / try to work the synergy issues with tube rolling (if you have any). I prefer to roll tubes rather than DACs. And who is...
I think he's trying to say that +16db doesn't add up with your scheme.
M-Stage or O2 would probably be my choice.
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