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 Usually those A-frames have dimpled disc getter and single legs have halo getter. Dimpled disc is a solid disc with small dimples on it and halo getter is just a metallic ring. In my understanding the A-frames are more modern invention (late 60's / early 70's). They were designed to provide stronger support and make the tubes less susceptible to microphonics. The single legs should be older and rarer. According to Coil's impressions the single legs are also superior in...
 +1. Especially lower mids.
Cool need to try that out.
 This is correct. It was kind of annoying at first but once I got used to it it doesn't bother me anymore.
 Don't forget to browse also. Specific "tubetype / manufacturer röhre" search could give you some interesting hits.
 Thick part back.  Yes any position will do.
Not the greatest audio but I really like this guy!  
I think those sabre DACs are very good and I'd love to compare one against T1. I'm not, however, a big fan of he-400.
 You got very good point here my friend. I'll probably keep Hifimediy + M-stage as my backup plan if something happens to my aune. Too much money invested in tubes to let this baby go.
 Thanks for the post. Very interesting results indeed. I may have to take my words back about not wanting to roll DACs and seriously consider hifimediy to do some testing. Just to be clear this hifimediy of yours has USB receiver chip with 96khz/24bit USB input support + sabre conversion chip (SA9023) as compared to BurrBrown PCM1793 with T1, right? I've heard lots of good things about sabre and maybe it's time to check it out myself.
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