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 And you know where to find it ;)
 Just don't take it too seriously. We all do it for fun. Oh and remember to keep that supported tube type list updated as you discover new working types.
 Interesting. I think 7308 is perfect for jazz.  I like his style. Discard the bad tubes and save the clearly better ones for more detailed review. Hasty impressions are one thing, but we're still waiting for you to do that summary review of your tubes. That would, no doubt, be the king of all tube reviews around here ;)
 Very nice post. I added this to the info page. If you ever review more tubes remember to update this post also.
 I have compared HD650 against my K702 anniversaries and the HD650 are definitely easier to drive. For both headphones 0 gain is sufficient imo (volume levels maxed from my pc). With max gain I can't go very high with the volume. It seems that some of you guys are listening very loud. Just be sure not to damage your ears. isendono seems to be using reasonable levels.
 I think these two posts could help you identify your orange prints: http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq/1740#post_9396448 http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq/1275#post_9284658
 Usually those A-frames have dimpled disc getter and single legs have halo getter. Dimpled disc is a solid disc with small dimples on it and halo getter is just a metallic ring. In my understanding the A-frames are more modern invention (late 60's / early 70's). They were designed to provide stronger support and make the tubes less susceptible to microphonics. The single legs should be older and rarer. According to Coil's impressions the single legs are also superior in...
 +1. Especially lower mids.
Cool need to try that out.
 This is correct. It was kind of annoying at first but once I got used to it it doesn't bother me anymore.
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