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 Why did you remove the pin cleaning guide?
 Tempting, but I promised myself not to buy tubes anymore. I have too many already ;)  Sounds awesome. I won't even consider doing anything to my T1 before such guides. Thanks in advance.
Like I said I'll be waiting for more impressions. I'm not too concerned about the actual parts inside since my T1 sounds very good. It's just that we don't know what caps we have and if they really have noticeable effect to the sound it could really mess this tube rolling thing we've been having here.   E: Seems like there is no love towards Cambridge here, lol :D
  It's not that I don't like my T1. I love it. It's just that I feel like being majorly fu**ed by this company. If we all had the same inferior parts I wouldn't be as pissed, but now we need to add cap list to our tube reviews. Well good tubes are still good tubes but the synergies will be affected. I've been spreading good word of how nice this unit is just to discover this. I would have been much happier without knowing (this being said I'm very glad that lwrs brought...
I mean s**t. If these caps really affect the sound quality significantly, and we all have different cap combos, it sure as hell affects the tube reviews/synergies we've been working on here. I probably won't be DIYing my T1. If all of you guys come to the conclusion that changing the parts improves the sound significantly I might consider moving on to some other amp. And if I do so that won't be MIC that's for sure.
It would be great if somebody did a DIY guide with pictures showing how to disassemble T1 and change those inferior parts. Arco, lwrs, space, coil... I'm looking at you guys ;) I'll post some pictures as well when I have the time to open my unit.
 True. I probably need to check my Aune as well. Smells like false advertisement. Has anyone contacted Aune yet? I'd be curious to hear what they have to say about this.
there's no need to change parts if they are working as intended imo. Sure we can start rolling all the parts for better. Might as well start with the conversion chip lol :D
This is very helpful info lwrs10. Coil keep that post #4011 updated as this thing progress.
 Awesome. This is my solution if you haven't seen it yet: 
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