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  Sorry for your loss man.
  Dude just buy them from amazon and return if not happy. Simple as that!
  I feel the anniversary bass is similar to that of K550. Anniversaries are like balanced refined K550. I advice you to get the pads. Makes your K702 super versatile cans.
My anniversaries are #127
  1. Get Aune T1 2. Get new headphones 3. Use leftover money to get few spare tubes (tubes are not the main thing here. Just get T1 and proper headphones first) 4. Be a happy man   HD650 and K702 anniversaries (+ K702 pads) are one of the best headphones in their price range imo and would definitely be nice upgrade for you. Fidelio X1 are also great headphones for those who need plenty of good bass impact from their open headphones. Too bad the X1 are not the most refined...
Not sure but I think you just make loop(s) to shorten the cable?
Good info, thanks and keep us posted! Btw how do you like your anniversaries and X1 so far?   E: Nevermind found your impressions on K702-65 thread. Glad you like your new toys ;)
I have 2 but I'm keeping both. Cool looking and sounding tube.   E: It's about synergy and I'm sure Magnums sound fantastic with T1 Rocket combo.
  Can't remember for sure, but somebody posted it in this thread. I think it was quite low maybe around 0.5ohm. Oh and the cable arrived today so the seller is definitely legit. Haven't had time to test the cable yet.   E: this is actually very cool looking cable.
I ordered this to Finland ($5 shipped from Gizmo Dorks). Only 6ft long but that's enough for desktop use / cable test. Haven't receiver my item yet so can't confirm whether this seller is legit or not.
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