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I ordered this to Finland http://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Designed-Mobile-Stereo-Plated/dp/B00847Q5AA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1374156465&sr=1-1&keywords=monoprice+3.5mm ($5 shipped from Gizmo Dorks). Only 6ft long but that's enough for desktop use / cable test. Haven't receiver my item yet so can't confirm whether this seller is legit or not.
  Please do and report back to us. If the results are positive I know what I'll be buying next ;)
  Good post! Let us know how the Ember compares to T1. I'm also interested to hear your impressions on anniversaries and X1. Just got my X1 and the annies are so much better with music. X1 are now my gaming/entertainment headphones. Looking at your headphone inventory I'd say we have quite similar headphone taste ;)   btw have you tried using M-stage with T1?
Ok it's time for more impressions. I really think these are not audiophile grade headphones for music. After a while the bass starts feeling unnatural and the recessed mids are just too big deal to handle after coming from K702 (anniversaries). This being said, I think the X1 are probably the best headphones I've used for gaming. Fooled around with PS3 yesterday and I have to say that I really liked their sound stage, imaging and bass heavy signature when watched movies...
  So is it your T1 or tube that is broken? If EH is broken then it's only good for you because you should anyways get something better to replace that ;) Try to use your T1 without the tube and see if the SS part is ok. I've been taking my T1 to Helsinki and back without any problems whatsoever. Usually it's the tube that causes problems (I've had several defective). They are like light bulbs after all so there is no guaranteed life age. You might get 5000+ hours or just...
  +1. I don't see the point either with T1. It's different story with Lyr, for example, because the socket saver lifts the socket insertion point higher and makes rolling way easier. If somebody says such savers improve sound quality I call it bs too.
  Oh and you really don't want to touch the cable or else the touching sound echoes inside the left ear cup. Not cool.
  Well you can easily tell that X1 hass more bass than the anniversaries. More impact definitely, but sometimes the bass feels slightly boomy and overpowers some fine detail. It's the U-shaped signature that pushes the bass forward and mids back. The anniversaries, however, have enough bass for my tastes (music). Changing from X1 to anniversaries the bass feels thin, but other way around the X1 mids feel muffled. Either are perfect but anniversaries are more detailed and...
Got my X1 today. Here's the first impressions:   - Fantastic build quality - Comfortable - Great seal - Generate heat - Smelly - Memory foam is not as "tempuric" as what anniversaries have - Relatively small size (not for the big headed) - Fun thumping bass (addictive even?) - Recessed / muffled mids - Large open sound stage with good imaging - Less refined than anniversaries - Easy to drive   Without the recessed muffled mids these would...
Yeah definitely the tube. I've had several similar cases. Distorted rattling uneven sound.
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