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 http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq/2010#post_9502294 I'd go for Amperex 7308. It's the king regardless of headphones. This being said you can probably find cheaper alternatives to match your headphone signature.
 Manual and gain settings along with all other useful info can be found in first post faq and the useful posts link.
Finland, but it seems i posted this too hastily. Tried different tubes and E17 and they all had the same rattling sound. I located the problem to be my usb port not the T1. It seems that I cant have anything in the port next to amp usb port or there will be rattling distorted sound. Don't really know what causes this but at least its working now that i have removed my other usb connections.
I think my T1 just broke. Any legit places I can get this MK2?
 Start with FAQ and info post. Those will get you started.
 Here's my solution:   
Good taste bro. I might buy that Dave Matthews disc (especially if gravedigger is in there). Other interesting discs/artists are already covered. Get Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's. No collection is complete without that one. It's easily one of my best discs ;)
 Just curious what blu ray concerts you have. Been collecting them for a while and always ready to take in good suggestions. Latest purchase was Joe Cocker Fire It Up. Really nice disc, but had to order it from Germany.
Info post updated with new DIY section (ElBartoME's led color mod). mikoss could you combine your tube reviews into one post so i can link them to the info post. I would also appreciated if somebody could do easy to follow step by step guide for changing caps (ElBartoME has good start in this post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq/4830#post_10355229 maybe just edit it to more instructional style).   Keep...
 Tubes have grading system depending on the noise they make and I believe phono grade is the quietest one. Many members here have bought driver grade tubes and are happy with the performance. My opinion is you don't need phono grade tubes in T1.  Check these links out if you are interested to know more about tube testing: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-out-if-an-Electronic-Tube-Is-Goodhttp://www.radiolaguy.com/info/TubeTesting.htmhttp://www.tubeaudiostore.com/tubmatdem.html
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