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 I have tested 812 few times in different expos. I think they are great headphones, but for me the treble/upper mids were a bit too harsh. Tested them with solid state so I guess tube amp would have better overall synergy with 812. The same was with RHA Cl1's with the new RHA dac/amp combo.   I must emphasize that I wouldn't be using these IEM's for mixing or mastering. I'll definitely use my K702 and Focal Solo6 Be's for those. Only monitoring would be the band live...
So if I have understood correctly the sm64 are more U shaped than the es3? Meaning that the es3 are more balanced, but still deliver good amounts of bass?
 Same here not a single one has died since my first tube purchase.
Hi all!   I would appreciate some help because I need IEMs to monitor electric drums (practice and gigs) and listen music while commuting to work. I also listen music quite often in the library. I was about to order sm64 (339€), but now im wondering whether the es3 (399€) would be better for my needs. From reading this thread I know that few of you guys have either owned or tested both sm64 and es3. Which one of these two IEMs would you recommend, or would you recommend... I'd go for Amperex 7308. It's the king regardless of headphones. This being said you can probably find cheaper alternatives to match your headphone signature.
 Manual and gain settings along with all other useful info can be found in first post faq and the useful posts link.
Finland, but it seems i posted this too hastily. Tried different tubes and E17 and they all had the same rattling sound. I located the problem to be my usb port not the T1. It seems that I cant have anything in the port next to amp usb port or there will be rattling distorted sound. Don't really know what causes this but at least its working now that i have removed my other usb connections.
I think my T1 just broke. Any legit places I can get this MK2?
 Start with FAQ and info post. Those will get you started.
 Here's my solution:   
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