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Just thought I would offer my view on HD800's, I listen to  exclusivly rock/pop and with the 800's    coupled to Schiit Lyr and a pair of warm sounding tubes (6n1p's) even Lady Gaga sounds superb on very high listening levels. These headphones you either love or not, I myself love them.. Paula
Hi Vel, You would find the Rhinelander way underpowered for the HD800's, I found that a 3 o'clock setting on the Rhinelander was equal to an 11 o'clock position ona Rega Ear so suppose  the Duet would be similar to Rhinelander as you suggst, IMHO  this is way underpowered for the 800's Try Schiit or similar. Paula
PP312- You in Oz too ! There is a space between "walk  and the next word, lets keep it in context please., you know what I mean surely.....the operative woed is" BUT " . Anyway thanks the situation is resolved, my husband has just bought some lovely HD800"s so now don't have an issue as to which one's Paula
Well nameless pfg, I know Johnny Cash did a boy  named Sue , but never have I  been  a "HIM" as in your observation as to 'what's stopping him". I might jingle when I walk but it's not from Testicles. Paula
Thanks for your very astute comment, but if it was possible then I wouldn't be asking , would I . Paula
Well, I am getting really confused and need your help, I really like Stax, probably SRS3170 SYSTEM which has  307 driver and 323s amp , but really like Grado GS 1000i coupled with Schiit Asguard amp , as I am heavily into rock What should I really be doing here??? Paula
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