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Looking for something very specific here. I really liked the build of the older Grados, which had shorter ear cups. Would prefer one with a cable mod that is either a slimmer cable (I don't like how bulky the stock ones are) or single sided.
Selling my beloved ATH-ESW9As. Just need to offset some moving costs. I may regret selling these, since they are amazing. The box they came in was branded with a "2ND" and "Factory Reconditioned" from A-T. I assume that means they were upgraded in some way, but I'm not sure how.   Unfortunately, I had to use an iPhone for the pics, since my camera is with the movers. But I can assure you these are in mint condition. Please let me know if you have any questions.    $150...
+1 for earmuff use. I have worn mine the past few days here in NY where it's 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit. 
I confirmed this on the refurbished ones from the Amazon seller "Dealville"
I bought the refurbished ones through Amazon recently and they are definitely genuine, even come with a manufacturer's warranty.   Loving these things! Super comfy and portable. Closed enough to give me some isolation while taking the subway, but not enough to make me miss my stop. Damn near perfect city headphones. Still breaking mine in, but the sound has already opened up quite a bit.
Shipping free to the US, if you're international we can work something out. Pics to follow later today. I ordered them online, wore them for a day, and decided my head is WAY too big for them. I cut about a nickel sized hole out of the foam pads, but also have a fresh new backup pair ($5 value) if you prefer to use them. All original packaging included. PM me with any questions.
Amazon has at least a dozen more on sale for $150, refurbished from Audio-Technica: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0030O0Q2U/ref=dp_olp_refurbished?ie=UTF8&condition=refurbished&qid=1378477351&sr=8-1   I ordered mine on Tuesday and received them on Thursday, since I'm in Brooklyn and these were shipped from Queens.   Really liking them so far! I can see myself keeping these around for a very long time (which has only happened with a few headphones at this...
Wow, thanks! That's a good price on those isn't it?
I'm looking at the ATH-ESW9A and both of these have them, refurbished, for $209 with free shipping. From what I've read there are a lot of fake ATH-ESW9As out there. Does anyone have experience with these stores? Can anyone confirm an authentic ATH-ESW9A was purchased through one of them?   http://www.americanmusical.com/   http://www.zzounds.com/
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