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dunno about other AT headphone, but the hifiman velour and hifiman pleather can be used on the W1000X ,I just put the pads on mine, you have to struggle to put them , but they fit and they stay there so farĀ 
mine also did after around 3 year or so , I replaced them just now with velour pads from hifiman .
Wow akm dac and double slot ? I think i found my next dap
I will wait for the tag browsing to be implemented to check again on this dap, its either this or the cayin n6
The hum pervasion, dx100 runs your standard garden variety android. I am also rather sure the sony android series is better than the pono, at least in my opinion, they also run standard sony android
Can angone with the dap tell me if the l5 have tag browsing? Very interested in the dap
I would have to disagree , the Centrance M8 and the Ifi is clearly a rather large improvement over the A1x
It however mean that it work, just not with your solution
You need the sony otg cable to do it, all the non sony dac uses a different connection altogether The ha -2 is confirmed by oppos team iirc , so maybe you can ask them
Do we actually have a list on which dac/amp is confirmed to work with the player? I have seen ifi nano dsd and micro dsd,centrance m8 and the ha-2mentioned and confirmed to work with the player Obv the pha series as well
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