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Sorta kinda? for example if you dont like that much of a treble you shouldnt pair a bright headphone with a bright dap ?
Yeah, i never actually buy blind besides my DT1350 and my 215 , I guess I will try between those three (the RDB V4 ,RDB V1 and then the rooth) they are all priced simmiliarly by the seller so its only up to sound and fit comfort.
It only happens in mac though? windows doesnt get leftover data when you copy and paste something over
Hi, yes we meet again , how do they compare to the RDB V1?
Yeah they are on the card after you copy paste, you can view them with your android based phone or windows PC, you can just delete them. They are basically thumbnail data
That works just fine for me , just clean up the hidden stuff you get from mac copy and paste (the ._blabla)
I dont really reccomend using mac for formatting unless you are willing to clean up the trashfiles. I never formatted my SD card when I first get my x5 though, its a straight line transfer from the Ak100
What do you guys think of the rooth ls5x? How do they sound like?
Hah, that was never too shallow , if you are going spend hundreds or thousands of dollar, you better care for the look. Yes I would have to agree the LAB 1 actually looks rather gaudy , it has a really amazing sound though
no, not really , they are not really like the T1 or the T70/90, their high is pretty high but they are not that high for me to feel fatique with it , all I reccomend is to not get a bright source to go with it
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