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It however mean that it work, just not with your solution
You need the sony otg cable to do it, all the non sony dac uses a different connection altogether The ha -2 is confirmed by oppos team iirc , so maybe you can ask them
Do we actually have a list on which dac/amp is confirmed to work with the player? I have seen ifi nano dsd and micro dsd,centrance m8 and the ha-2mentioned and confirmed to work with the player Obv the pha series as well
i will just wait until it came with a micro sd slot, i dont really care much for streaming if anything since the stuff i listen to is seldom streamed or have an extremely tiny streaming choice
i already send it for repair, dont worry the stores here does 1 to 1 exchange policy, so i wont have to wait thanks guys
 nope still not working
yeah I think my HO is dead
has someone ever ran into a problem where the fiio HO doesnt give out any sound but the LO does ?
 the dac would have to depend on whatever digital input ,which I hope is optical instead of coax, just for sheer compability.You shouldnt have to think about external dac on this kind of products though , there is a reason why we bought 700 dollar daps
This will run android right ? Maybe the one who wants high ammount of storage can use that wifi harddisk ? You can also carry on battery packs if you are travelling and so on
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