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number 2 is really hard to actually fulfill
so if i am going to get one card , i might as well get the balanced card instead of any other card
thanks for the answers, which one of the amp card is the most all rounder and can be used with both iem and headphone
thanks , I will try the UI when I made the time to visit the place thats selling it . Does the hifiman 901 still cuts off the beginning of songs ? Is it less than one second now ? or is it still couple of seconds cut off ? What other bugs do you have with it ?
thanks for the reply, can i ask what player have you heard as a comparison? is the ui comfortable for tag browsing?
thanks , i will order some today from a local supplier, the w1000x is a really good headphone with an extremely bad pad
then I just sleeve it over to the W1000x? can you show me pictures of them , so I can get an idea on how to sleeve them , since I sort of remember one side of the w1000x is actually bigger than the other
I tried looking around for hifiman velour pic , dont they have this black plastic ring on the attachment ? Do I took them off first ?   I know for a fact you cant put beyer velour on it like the hifimans
would you say that this player is still at the top end of the DAP ladder? I heard comments about how it is on par with the ak 240 and have better overall sq compared to other flagship dap , I may get one of these at the end of the year if it pops up for cheap in my country
Thanks , I will order some ath/hifiman velour then, which one do you think is more comfortable ?
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