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this is still my foremost complaint about the rockets , everything else sounds real good to my ear , I guess I will try them with amps when I have the chance instead of just the X5
Joker have you heard of the UM3DD ?, If I want an upgrade for that at around 800 without going into customs , what would the suitable options? The Ie 800 treble is too high for me
I will do this comparison when the local store got a sample
B) not really, i havent tried them to sleep yet, but i cant sleep with an iem anyway, i think i am too sensitive
a)they are both the same thing just a different size casing , so stagediver decided to sell it at the same price , pretty fair to me b] size and fit , people with smaller ear may want to the SD 2 S as it its thinner and a wee bit smaller, the bulkier one would seal better against bigger ears I guess, and having an extremely secure fit., I liked the fit of the SD2 normal for one
they do , I tried them both at a local store , they sound the same , if there is a difference its prolly too small for me to actually hear it
my friend made a comment on this , and the answer is a somewhat yes he had the Z1070 , he liked it better than the A 17 in terms of sound. He did say the A17 sounds cleaner but also more sterile at the same time
considering the X1 kicked the X3 UI to the curb , I dont see how "more expensive" by the same company translate to a sound I actually like more, considering I liked the Hm802 better than the Hm901 , or the fact that I prefer the Ak100 to the 240
I actually prefer the Um3dd universals compared to the SD2 , since the bass reach deepers , but eh its 200 dollar more expensive here, I always want somekind of an SD 2.5, the SD2 need just wee bit sub bass, and the SD3 need the clarity and speed , something in between of these two
I prolly wont , I already owned an X5 and it absolutely kick the living **** out of the X1 in every aspect , I will prolly get the sony for its size and UI if anything
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