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assuming this is true , I would actually like to try it , seems rather cheap as well
Leaving crack fi is a myth even though you get into summit fi highest peak , there would be some new stuff coming in and you would be reading head fi threads again @bahamot how is the UI for the QA660?  Is it one of those "Oh here is a folder browser" and nothing else ?
Its sort of different, it depends on the lineout design and specfication , there are still circuit designs coming from the dac into the line out at the very least
Better X5 , with the still same soundsig, warmth smoothness with good bass
The really obscure dap thread. Does anyone here actually have these daps ? I mean there is quite some bit of users living on china
Have anyone listened to this and compared it with the x5?
Hi, listened to the newly arrived ak100II at a local store. Imo this is better than the calyx or the zx1
I relistened to a demo unit at a store I frequent , i found that the calyx actually sounds nicer than my first listen for some odd reason
I wait for your comparison with the hm901 you own
the thing I am most excited with this is the dac chip of this thing , i hope there is aalternatives to this though, I  want choices on my non sabre , non cirrus daps
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