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A friend who opened his didnt found any compatible battery at least one that he knows off (like the S3 battery for the DX50) , I guess you can try asking fiio for a replacement , they are generally really good at doing replacement spare parts
This thread suffer from the reverse of elitism I think
I would have to agree , but I would have to say there is a baseline quality that a product of a price bracket must fulfill in one way or the other
Thank you for the answer, but I want to know the "how" on why its improved , for example How is the bass, how is the treble and how is the mids , pacing and soundstage?
I find that statement to be correct, o love my um3dd to death (besides its fit),i know at least a couple here who hates it though
Np , i can tell you either really love the iem , or it has visited the surgery table more than one time
I need to test the asg 2.5 to see if they are worth the 300 bucks price jump from the asg 2
Andy do you have the x5 ? How does it compare with the n6 ? What are of improvement can we look at 
I would agree with shallow insertion being better for comfort though, i throughly despise the er4 series fit 
I , on the hand didnt really like the fit of the Ex series (so 1k, 600, 700), much prefer the standard peanut shell iem
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