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close but no cigar , DAC and AMP need something to actually tell them to do something this is the processor , even the altmann tera have a processor (an extremely weak one)
Because to get actual IOS compability certification (compatible without CCK) you have to pay apple money just to get the "made for ipod, ipad, iphone" sticker on the box . Most manufacturer doesnt want to do this
I am the reverse I think ,I NEED the IDTag browsing , thats the second make or break category of the feature list , the first being sound quality while hi res files is like number ten million below the list
its decent , its not bad or extremely good
wow , someone didnt go for the X1 and went into something else. Hope you will be happy with the purchase though
Will have to agree with the sentiment , because at this point, this is a Hugo with internal memory
waiting for the price bracket here , so I can compare it to similarly priced competitor
Thats a really nice price range though if they really went below 500 ,I hope the Pm3 follows the samekind of pricing?
but do you own a more recent sony DAP for a comparison , like I dont know the new F series maybe ? what you are doing is more or less the same as judging the fiio x1 by saying that you owned the fiio x5 and would know what the X1 sounds like based on spec I dont think thats an actually wise tthing to do
depend on what you want it to do , i mean the X5 fare well with bright earphones if you want to tone down its rather dark signature
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