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Hi, listened to the newly arrived ak100II at a local store. Imo this is better than the calyx or the zx1
I relistened to a demo unit at a store I frequent , i found that the calyx actually sounds nicer than my first listen for some odd reason
I wait for your comparison with the hm901 you own
the thing I am most excited with this is the dac chip of this thing , i hope there is aalternatives to this though, I  want choices on my non sabre , non cirrus daps
oh , if its the 23rd I can do it
I dont think I can attend at on the 3rd of august as I would still be a trip on europe or at least still tired from it , can I suggest something around the second week or so ?
awww, i missed this meet when i was in sg , if i knew , i would have come
What linux thing? did you meant that this player will use some sort of android ?
there is a couple of them besides beats there is jaybird, the backbeat go , and the jabra rox , most of them carry the same "everymans iem" charasteristic , that is more bass than most other stuff. From what I have heard the backbeat go 2 is basically more balanced than the rox , but thats basically it.
its an iriver thread , I think this is the player that gives the most anal bruises to head fier
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