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I need some help and you guys might be able to help.  I've been dabbling in music production for a hobby and I need some advice on sound quality.  I use mostly world samples so there's a lot of horns, hi hats, mid range instruments.  Since you all have quality headphones, can you tell me which sound ranges are too low/high ... basically, what sounds can I enhance to make the quality more full?  thanks for any advice
Get them! I got mine 2 days ago and i love them. Its amazing how many different types of sounds they can pick up. Most noticable thing that impressed me was when i was watching a random interview on youtube - these cans picked up the sound of the table moving or even when someone laid a cup on the table after taking a drink. Pretty amazing if u ask me.
hey hipster, i see you have a pair of modded cans.  I've read a lot about these DIY projects and they all sound like fun.  I plan to try the CMOYbb soon,  Is the T50RP mod a worthwhile task?  What are the benefits?  Theres also alot about grado mods on this sight but they really dont look comfortable.
just ordered some m50s yesterday.  cant wait to get them!
I've read a lot on this sight and everyone seems to like the m50's ... I had a $100 gift card from amazon so I basically paid $30 which is a beautiful thing.  Hip-Hop is my music of choice, R&B and sometimes some old school rock.   This might help - a link to some of my music  I love music that sounds good in headphones because I like all the highs and lows, panning etc.  I love the contrasting of highs/mids/lows and how they fit together....
I'm new to all this so I've been reading a lot of posts trying to collect information.  I just want to know how to get a basic audiophile setup.  Just ordered a pair of ATH M50s which seem to fit my other hobby of making music ... I'm still a little confused about all the other stuff, like dac's and amp's.  I plan to use these headphones strictly on my pc so I was wondering if a DAC/AMP is a necessary purchase.     Also, are the M50s good for listening to music?...
I just ordered a pair of new cans and the first song i'll probably listen to is led zeppelin, dazed and confused.  can't wait!
This would be great!  I just joined head-fi a few minutes ago but I've been lurking for about a month now.  I came here for a purpose, which was to find out which headphones would fit me best. After reading all these of posts and reviews, I think I know which ones to get now ... however, now I have so many more questions.  I didn't realize sound was so complex, from cans to dac's to amps etc.  I just need to know how to get started and what I should be looking for.
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