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I have an iPhone 5. The lightening adapter is for the phone end, the other end is still a regular type A USB connector. Still, does anyone know if nuforce iDo supports iPhone 5 (software wise)? I have two headphones, AKG Q701 and AKG K550. I also have a Shure SE420. Thanks!
Thanks for the response, mrgeek. Is FiiO E17 in the same category of Nuforce HDP?   I have been thinking and maybe it is better to disconsider iDo since it can only be used with Apple devices. What if I decide to go with another phone in the near future or what if Apple changes the interfaces (software or hardware)?   Thanks again!
Hi, everyone.   I'm new to this forum so I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked before (I tried searching first though).   I have a $500 budget so I would to ask people's opinion. I would like to buy a DAC/amp for my iPhone (and maybe my computer) to use with my two headphones, AKG 550 and AKG Q701.   Should I get a Nuforce iDo (just for the iPhone), a Nuforce HDP or a Headroom amp? Are there other (better) options at this price...
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