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Budget-fi how are ya
  say what you want but i was going off the list on the OP haha
checking in. 7th gen ipod classic (rockbox)---------->fiio e11---------->HFI-780's. have to say i really like them, but i still feel that they are not as bassy as i expected. i was sort of expecting smash-your-face-in-bass, but that was not the case, i guess i just need to lower my expectations :p
my first cans were a pair of k242s.  everyone said i listen to my music too loud, even though i didn't.  I'll give you a standard conversation.   *someone taps me on the shoulder* them:can you turn your music down? i can hear it. me:sorry, i cant really, this is as low as they go ( i have minor hearing loss...) them: but i can hear is too loud. me:oh, that is because they have holes in the back. so they sound better. them:that is stupid. you should...
beats by dre. lolololoolol overpriced trash. lol
I think you need to fix the survey, I can only pick one brand of headphones. I would also suggest having a price bracket for 300-500 and 500< as there are many people on this site who have spent thousands on one pair of headphones.
Haha, no, at least not purchases of a headphone nature ;) My parents don't get why after buying my first pair (k242's) I chose to get another. The purpose and difference between open and closed back does not really make sense for them.
wow, that is a lot of gear going in and out. I got a clip+ a few weeks ago. Loving it.
Haha thanks, Not exactly but i used some birthday money to buy a pair of HFI-780's
Checking In, would say I have been an audiophile for 8 or so months.  I am 17 as of the 16th of March.
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