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Seems like its the black one.
Q701 will be on sale in lighting deals on Amazon tomorrow night at 7 pm EST. Keep an eye on this. 
Really tempting, but I have already got K612 and K701, they are so good that I do not have reason to buy it.
No, it will not arrive in a reasonable time. Mine will arrive on next monday, which is 12 days later. But well, it is better than nothing.
Another question is AMAZON US itself doesnt carry UE900. The price in China is always as low as $250 if we exchange the money. So, honestly, UE900 does not discount A LOT because $200 should be in the normal price range. The reason we cannot get low price for it is because logitech has a good control of retail price in most areas but performs horrible in China. At the first day it released in China, its price was dropped down to $250 and now the price is keeping decrease....
Talking about UE900, I got the tracking number from ncix last friday. That is the fifth day since I placed order. The UPS indicates the labor has been created but the stuff has not arrived their place. Now, four days later, UPS still does not receive goods from NCIX. I am seriously wondering if NCIX is a reliable merchant, but well, no matter whether they are or not, I will definitely not buy from them again. Worst online shopping experience ever! I have been waiting for...
The truth is Amazon itself does not carry UE900 but third party. 
I got my W4R from earphonesolutions two month ago for $300. Although at that time there were some guys said it would drop down to like $200, I could not agree with them. It was really the lowest price they could do since I asked for price match with several online dealers and all of the requests were denied. Therefore, I bought it and now I am very happy with my decision. 
You may want to go to proaudiostar, they may give you a brand new one with like 180.
DT880 250 Ω will not let you down but you need to have good dac/amp.
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