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It's all truth in that "Industry" song tho. Nothing but realness:   ...Rappers hate each other not the labels that got rich Don't care about culture they only want profit If your album sells slow bet you get dropped quick....   ...What’s the difference between a label and pimpin' You sell yourself, they tell you how to spend it Ho ass niggas slow down, listen Just prey your minds with no ambition They keep you fly — images, promotion They keep you high, so a nigga...
white people are the biggest audience of hip-hop, believe it or not   some videos from one of the best albums this year IMO    
Some people use an external headphone amp to bypass the integrated amp of a DAP which may be of lesser quality....
One of the best looking headphones for taking selfies, helps with a pretty face as well. The grado is probably too bright to sleep with.
Right my mistake
you kinda don't want a rigid diaphragm for planar magnetics though...
comply tips blocks out noise the best of all tips in my expereince, the GR07 will have compatible ones, not sure about the RE400 though. The UM PRO 10 comes with a full set as well.
Isolation: People can't hear your musicPassive Noise Cancellation: Outside noise don't disturb your listening session The GR07 and most IEMs have no problem with the first one and the second one can be achieved by simply turning up the volume.
Who is telling you isolation sucks on those IEMs?
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