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I don't think you need to flip a switch to use the balanced socket. Use the same switch position as when you were using SE
On the topic of tips, I switched to small sony ear tips and could finally fully insert the iems deeper into my ears and get a tighter seal. The mids opened up more and are now much clearer now. The signature is still V-shaped but at least the mids are not as garbage when I first heard them. From the stock tips, I just assumed they were the type of iems to not need full insertion, especially since the edges are a little sharp.
Do you know of one?
I got these today and found the same results. Mids and lower treble are sucked out making my main vocal test songs sound horrible. I guess it doesnt help that I was just listening to the HE-500 then switched to these.At least for $35 you don't get crappy bloated bass and/or overly piercing highs. The bass does sound neutral although lacking sub-bass
It lights up my whole bedroom at night, I need to turn it off to sleep properly
Here is my impressions on the Jotunheim after a month of ownership. My main headphones were HE-500 and PSB M4U2.   Physical Appearance: It looks like Schiit   First things first, the picture of the Jotunheim in the  Schiit's Jotunheim product page is a LIE! The white LED is a thousand times brighter in real life than it is in the picture. It is so bright that I had to move the unit to my right just so the knob can act as a shield to keep the LED from blinding me. If...
I am surprised no one has made a better thread for hip-hop for this forum. If some of you think you can maintain a hip-hop thread for this forum, go for it.   This thread was really just a result of me shutting down the original "Rap Sucks" thread and made to bring out the willfully ignorant (sometimes racist) user's view of hip-hop. So in a sense this is a troll thread filled with good hip-hop, SF was to troll and I was to provide the hip-hop. I haven't been posting...
You can't get medieval on an internet forum...it isn't like I am trying to convince him or that my answer is a end all, be all. I just offered a genuine answer as I am skeptical that multi-drivers can't offer a better performance than a single dynamic driver.
  A technical explanation of driver count affecting performance would be useless if you yourself can't form a conclusion whether or not it can impact performance. You have had a lot of evidence, a statistical advantage compared to my experience in IEMs, at hand to answer your own question but it seems you can't comprehend such evidence. It would be pointless for an expert on the subject to explain further details to you.  You may but **** that dude.
Well go ask Moulton if more drivers is a gimmick then. Even Moulton doesn't hang out here and there were multiple threads he could have offered insights on the tech.
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