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Here is my impressions on the Jotunheim after a month of ownership. My main headphones were HE-500 and PSB M4U2.   Physical Appearance: It looks like Schiit   First things first, the picture of the Jotunheim in the  Schiit's Jotunheim product page is a LIE! The white LED is a thousand times brighter in real life than it is in the picture. It is so bright that I had to move the unit to my right just so the knob can act as a shield to keep the LED from blinding me. If...
I am surprised no one has made a better thread for hip-hop for this forum. If some of you think you can maintain a hip-hop thread for this forum, go for it.   This thread was really just a result of me shutting down the original "Rap Sucks" thread and made to bring out the willfully ignorant (sometimes racist) user's view of hip-hop. So in a sense this is a troll thread filled with good hip-hop, SF was to troll and I was to provide the hip-hop. I haven't been posting...
You can't get medieval on an internet forum...it isn't like I am trying to convince him or that my answer is a end all, be all. I just offered a genuine answer as I am skeptical that multi-drivers can't offer a better performance than a single dynamic driver.
  A technical explanation of driver count affecting performance would be useless if you yourself can't form a conclusion whether or not it can impact performance. You have had a lot of evidence, a statistical advantage compared to my experience in IEMs, at hand to answer your own question but it seems you can't comprehend such evidence. It would be pointless for an expert on the subject to explain further details to you.  You may but **** that dude.
Well go ask Moulton if more drivers is a gimmick then. Even Moulton doesn't hang out here and there were multiple threads he could have offered insights on the tech.
speak for youself
Then this forum would be the worst place to ask such questions. All you get its snake oil blah blah blah. If you have enough experience with many different IEM with different counts of drivers then that should be enough evidence whether or not multiple drivers matter. I have yet to encounter an engineer that creates IEM that bothers with this forum. At least the guys in Noble are approachable for some technical questions. BTW I didn't hear a roll off in the 6, the...
I don't think so. I focused my attention first on the balance of the frequency response, then the detailing of music I was listening to. The biggest example is going from the 6 to Kaiser. Hard to explain since this is an anti-subjective subforum and I won't go further on the difference in sound. Have you even tried multiple driver set-ups?
Not a gimmick. I was able to try out Noble's full line of IEMs up to and including the kaiser. The difference in experiencing the music is astounding. There could be a point though where the number of useful drivers pleateus, not sure where though or which IEM this is an example off
You already have an HD 25 II which is already capable enough for shout casting and gaming. Is there anything the hd 25 can't do that you want it to do?   Standalone mics are better than whatever comes with a headphone, spend as much as you can on that. Either get an all in one solution such as a Yeti Pro USB or a Yeti Pro XLR + audio interface. With 450, you have a LOT of options.
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