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I don't know the correlation yet either, once I stumble on a paper correlating the 2, I will be sure to share it.From the looks of that one innerfidelity article (I am on the phone, would link if I could), the raw response is what should be looked at. Though I am just not sure if Tyll's measuring system is the same as what was used in the study that we can just read the raw response as being the HRTF.
Try not yanking on the iem when pulling them out of your pocket. A cable breaking in the pins is pretty much your fault.   You can try to use IEMs that uses MMCX connectors, those should disconnect easier (if you pull on it hard) since the connector is circular.   Seriously though, try changing the way you handle your IEMs. I walk around in mine and regularly stuff it in my pocket as well but have yet to break the pins.
what were the previous IEMs that gave you the proper amount of bass to your liking?
That price tag is just -.-
Headphones discussion is also a a sub-forum o.o The structure/division of the forum list is what I mean when I mention "sub-forum"
That is a place where people have motives to make money or gain recognition. This sub-forum is for people to participate at their own leisure.
If they ever need to create a marketing gif, they got a reference.
WTF you saw a blonde???? Yea, one is the one I linked before, she from seattle you are welcome
no, that one was indie AF although she debuted last month I think   Kemy is a new idol rapper, she is now notorious for dissing Park Bom   LE is a rapper from EXID, here she is with Hyuna   LE also recorded parts of Sugar Free
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