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icecap, MHOE, thank you a lot for your recommendation!   The Chinese tube-amps look interesting. But I concern that the outputs aren't un-amplified or "uncolored".   Ah, I see. The Fiio E9K is just an amp. I thought there is a DAC included. But it's optional (E7/E17). The pre-out function is what I'm looking for.   I just ordered the Clearaudio Nano Phono Headphone. A very promising phono stage with a headphone jack included. That would be the simplest...
Considered signal chain:   Turntable > phono stage > headphone amp > jack: headphones & pre-outs: Dynaudio Xeo transmitter (> speakers)
I'm looking for an affordable (desktop) headphone amp (< $250) which I connect to a phono stage. The headphone amp should have a stereo pre-out to relay the audio signal (with minimal loss of sound quality) to my Dynaudio Xeo's transmitter box. I don't need an integrated DAC. My headphones: ATH ES-10, Beyerdynamic 990 DT-Pro, Alessandro MS1 It's a pity that there isn't any affordable and good sounding headphone/phono amp combination (Am I right?). Fiio E9K could...
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