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  Thank you for answering my questions, it was very helpful !Seems that the M2BT is the best choice for me.     Thanks !
Hi, I have ordered new headphones (Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 Ohm) and I want to buy a stand for them. I really liked the design of the SilverStone EBA1 stand but the price is too high for me - it's $57.99 on .     I will be very happy to get some recommendations for headphones stand.           Thank you !
I will be very happy to get some advice regarding my post:             Thank you !
   After A lot of reading I'm still can't decide which Bluetooth headphones will suit me best. Seems that the Philips M2BT should be great for the music genres that I'm usually listening to but I have some doubts about these headphones: How solid is the Bluetooth connection ? What is the real life playing time ? I don't want to charge the headphones often.  On the other hand I saw the AKG Y45BT on Amazon Spain for 83.99 EUR but I know nothing about them:How Comfortable are...
Is there any difference in sound between the 80 and the 250 besides the impedance ?
Thank you for the recommendations ! I'm accepting your recommendation about buying in first stage headphones + amp without replacing the DAC (Xonar D1). I have read a lot of positive reviews about the DT770 PRO 80 Ohm so i will buy them. For the amp I think i will buy the Magni 2 Uber as you recommended at the beginning and use it's pre-amp outputs with my powered speakers.
I will be very happy to get some recommendations.   :)
Hi, This thread is a bit old but it became relevant for me. Few months ago i was very close to place orders for DT770 PRO 80 Ohm & magni 2 but then i had some expenses that prevented from me buying that audio equipment.   Now i have a budget of approximately 500 US $ for one of the following options:   1. Buying Headphones + Amp (using my Asus Xonar D1 as a DAC). 2. Buying Headphones + Amp + DAC. 3. Buying Headphones + Amp/DAC combo.   A small reminder that i...
Did someone tried the Sony MDR-1ABT ?
 Thanks for the recommendation but it's way out of my budget.    Thank you for the recommendations !Seems that both the ATH and the fidelio will not suit me, it sound that they aren't perfectly comfortable. I'm looking for headphones that i can wear for 5-6 hours without feeling any discomfort.In addition seems that the fidelio has some problems with the Bluetooth connection. I need headphones with a solid connection. Are there any other recommendations ?
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