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I have read the specifications of the modi 2 uber and the modi multibit on Schiit's web site, seems that the modi 2 uber better at THD and IMD although the price of the multibit is 100$ higher.   What is the reason for that ?
Is it the best option for my budget ?
Hi, I'm looking to buy a DAC and I will be very happy to get some recommendations. My budget is up to 300$ US. Until now I have used the ASUS xonar D1 sound card as a DAC but it stopped working so I need a new DAC.   I would like to buy an external DAC that will receive the music via USB from a PC (Windows 7) and output to my headphones amp via RCA.   My headphones amp: Schiit magni 2 Uber. My headphones: 1) Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm, 2) Massdrop x...
Are there any low latency aptx headphones besides the Avantree ?
Thanks for the recommendations !   what do you think of the Sony MDR-ZX770BN ?
Hi, I need some assistance with choosing Bluetooth headphones.   I'm planning to buy Bluetooth headphones as a gift to my cousin for his birthday to replace the horrible wired on ear headphones that he is currently using. He is using the headphones to watch movies and to listen to music from a PC. He is mainly listening to dance, pop, and rock music.   My budget is about 160 US$.   I need the headphones to be over the ear, large and comfortable ear cups, aptx...
Thank you for recommending me Bluetooth dongles !     Are the Philips M2BT support low latency aptx or only a regular aptx ?
Hi, Can anyone recommend me a Bluetooth USB dongle so I will be able to use my Philips M2BT with a PC.           Thank you !
I have bought the Philips M2BT, the carrying pouch that was supplied with the headphones is very soft so I'm not sure that it will provide sufficient protection for the headphones while carrying them around in my backpack. Can any one recommend me a hard case for the M2BT ?             Thank you !
It's very interesting to know what happens with the braided shield of the B01 after the split. My initial thought was that since the B02 has two channels and each one has shielding foil there should be less interference between the two channels compared to the B01.
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