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Did someone tried the Sony MDR-1ABT ?
 Thanks for the recommendation but it's way out of my budget.    Thank you for the recommendations !Seems that both the ATH and the fidelio will not suit me, it sound that they aren't perfectly comfortable. I'm looking for headphones that i can wear for 5-6 hours without feeling any discomfort.In addition seems that the fidelio has some problems with the Bluetooth connection. I need headphones with a solid connection. Are there any other recommendations ?
    Thank you for the reply and the recommendations ! I can't find where to buy the ATH-WS99BT.I have searched this thread and saw that Giogio recommended many times the Fidelio M2BT. Since I have never used on-ear headphones (only over ears and in-ears) I will be very happy to know from people who have these headphones about their comfort.
Hi, I want to buy my first Bluetooth headphones and i need some advice. I intend to use the headphones outside (on a bus or a train) so a decent sound insulation is important. As long as the headphones have a good passive sound insulation it's ok if there won't be ANC. I also need the headphones not to leak sound so i won't disturb the people that are sitting next to me on a bus. I want the headphones to be comfortable so i can wear them for long periods of time and not...
I want to buy Bluetooth headphones for the convenience of using them on the go. My main headphones at home will be still the wired ones.
Hi, I want to buy Bluetooth over the ear headphones and i need some advice. I'm going to use the headphones mostly for listening to music on the smartphone or the tablet, maybe sometimes I will use them with a PC to watch movies.   I'm listening the following music genres: House, Dubstep, Rap, Hip-Hop.   It's very important that the headphones will have a good sound quality and a comfortable design so i can wear them for long periods. Also very important that the...
Then i will buy the DT770 PRO 80 Ohm with the magni 2.   Can you please recommend me a cable with which i will be able to connect the sound card to the magni 2 (it should be 3.5mm on one end and 2xRCA on the other end) ?       Thanks a lot for the help !
Is the sound quality of the headphones output on the magni 2 uber better than the magni 2 ?
I prefer to do the switch between the headphones and the speakers via software, it is more convenient for me.
I prefer to switch between the headphones and the speakers, i don't want them to play music simultaneously. So i will leave the speakers connected to the front panel of the PC.   Are there any other differences between the magni 2 and magni 2 uber besides the addition of the pre-amp outputs ? If i will get a better sound quality on the headphones with the magni 2 uber i will buy it although i will not use the pre-amp outputs.
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