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Then i will buy the DT770 PRO 80 Ohm with the magni 2.   Can you please recommend me a cable with which i will be able to connect the sound card to the magni 2 (it should be 3.5mm on one end and 2xRCA on the other end) ?       Thanks a lot for the help !
Is the sound quality of the headphones output on the magni 2 uber better than the magni 2 ?
I prefer to do the switch between the headphones and the speakers via software, it is more convenient for me.
I prefer to switch between the headphones and the speakers, i don't want them to play music simultaneously. So i will leave the speakers connected to the front panel of the PC.   Are there any other differences between the magni 2 and magni 2 uber besides the addition of the pre-amp outputs ? If i will get a better sound quality on the headphones with the magni 2 uber i will buy it although i will not use the pre-amp outputs.
I do have a set of speakers, here is the description of the audio setup on my PC: I have a set of speakers that includes amplifier (microlab FC362), the amplifier is connected to the front panel connector of the PC case, the front panel connector connected internally to the asus xonar D1. My current headphones connected to the headphones output of the sound card, it's on the back side of the PC case and it's says in the user's manual of the sound card that this output...
Thanks for recommending the DT770 Pro 80 ohm, they have a lot of positive reviews.   I have found the DT770 Pro 80 ohm for 170$ and the magni 2 is 99$, in total it's 269 $. Are these the best headphones & Amp for my 400$ budget ?
Thank you for the recommendations !   The DT990 Pro 250 ohm and the Phillips X1 are both open headphones but i need closed headphones.
After thinking a lot i have decided to buy headphones & headphones amplifier.   I have started a new thread:
Hi, I want to buy over the ear headphones & headphones Amp/DAC combo. I'm going to use the headphones and the Amp/DAC with my PC, currently i'm using low end headset and sound card (razer carcharias+asus xonar D1).   My main usage of headphones is listening to music and some times i'm playing FPS video games and watching movies. I'm listening the following music: House, Dubstep, Rap, Hip-Hop.   I need closed headphones. It's very important that the headphones will...
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new pair of over the ear headphones and i will be very happy to get some recommendations. I'm going to use the headphones with my PC that have an ASUS Xonar D1 sound card (will be upgraded in the future). I'm listening: House, Dubstep, Rap, Hip-Hop music and some times i'm playing FPS video games. It's very important that the headphones will have a good sound quality and a comfortable design so i can wear them for long periods.   My budget is...
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