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End-game earpads for T70.   Yaxi's for K240/K271 special edition earpads. I purchased these pads for my newly acquired AKG K240DF on ebay, and naturally I tried to put these on my T70s, always suffering for lack of bass despite super detailed highs.    I tried beyer's EDT770, J$ lambskin, range of Brainwavz pads so far, I dare to say this is the best. these pads surprisingly increase the amount and punch on bass(due to plastic acoustic reflex plate inside the pad),...
@MortenB, Sorry I missed your purchase report.  I've never tried Furutech cable, but a friend of mine who owns DT 1770 PRO too using the same cable and I've told he's very pleased with it. for Furutech ihp-35 is far better at handling than my ORB(which has very stiff cable, longer rubber bush on mini-XLR connecter) I guess it fits very well with your portable use purpose. ORB audio is pretty well known brand among Japanse head-fier, because of their smash-hit,...
 Today received ORB audio's Clear Force mini XLR 6.3 and very very pleased with it. I think I have finally found better cable than the stock one (stock cables are very high quality IMO) after trying several cables like AKG C200.The Clear Force sounds thick in mids and bass, add speedy and punchy nuances to kick drums and bass guitars. overall very warm but detailed sound that goes really well with my DT 1770 PRO. I'm not sure ORB cables are available outside my country,...
Just Orderd sets of Angled Pleather, Angled Velour, and Hybrid earpad at Brainwavz website. should be arrive in a week and I will post comparison report on T70.
I've never tried hybrid ones, but I'm enjoying Pleather ones and satisfied by these very much.
@stehof,   If my memory serves right, EDT 70 NL is not leatherette but velour pads that comes with T70 /T70p (stock pads). I guess they made mistake for the web page.   You can find genuine beyer leatherette pads that fit T70s, EDT770S for DT770, but in my opinion, Brainwavz pads are far better for T70s both in sound and in comfort. 
@Ggroch   The vinyl ring of HM5 pad is very tough, actually tougher than you think. Putting it on T70s is bit tricky, but you can safely stretch the ring until it fits with T70's earcup frange. go ahead!
I tried J$ leather pads, beyer DT770 Plether pads for my T70 so far, and I have to say Brainwavz HM5 Pleather pads are the best both in sound and comfort among these replacement pads.  
 @shuto77,I have T70 and DT1770PRO, and I have Brainwavz HM5 earpads (which I bought a year before for my GMP8.35D) too. so I put HM5 earpads on my T70  and compared with my DT1770PRO in tonal balance. First of all, HM-5 Pleather earpads significantly increase T70's weak bass. that's pretty nice base and satisfactory for many listeners who aren't basshead. but, DT1770PRO's bass still has more inpact and dignity than this combo. and T70's sharp treble (which sometimes goes...
 Hanselmann said DT1770PRO's mini-XLR cable connector is totally compatible with AKG K240/702's in pin assign, connector dimensions. so you can fit aftermaket cables like this without problem. http://www.musicdirect.com/p-119385-alpha-design-labs-ihp-35x-headphone-cable.aspx Furutech/ADL ihp-35X has 1.3m length version which is good for on-the-go use, but requires 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter when you plug it into your desktop amp.
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