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 Great, then My questions are: 1. Will DT1770PRO's earpads (these are very high quality!) velour or P leather, be available as replacement parts? if yes, can you say when?2. Can I use Mini-XLR cables for AKG 240/702 in the aftermarket for DT1770PRO?3. I think you will refuse to answer this question ;)  but, Do you guys have a plan for open back version of DT1770? Thanks in advance.
 Welcome back hanselmann.I have to tell you that I love my DT 1770 PRO very much.And can we cast you questions about this headphone as we did a month before?
And if they're watching this thread, I have to say that I will definitely purchase open back version of the headphone, DT1990PRO!! 
Mine has DT100's headband too. DT100 headband is more heavy in weight, but more comfortable with extra padded cushon. especially it has some pressure on your head diagonally upward, thus it adds more grip and sits nicely on your head.
A Japanese website says Technics EAH-T700 will be released in January 22 2016, and the price will be 90,000 yen. (I have no idea how much oversea price would be, but 90,000 yen is aprox 750 USD at current exchange rate.) 
Hearing your liking of headphones (especially you're missing DT880), it seems that T1 1st gen would fit you better. 1770 is far solider than T1.
 But very high quality. it's not cheap vinyl one found on other beyer's PRO models. It's close to real leather as for hand feel, and requires less care than you should pay for real leather. 
And beyer released new version of DT hard case. Eyes on it.   http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/accessories/dt-hard-case.html
 The case looks great.In some reviews, I found The Slappa PRO hard case accepts DT770 and DT990 with ample room, then easily fits DT1770PRO because dimensions are almost identical. http://www.slappa.com/HardBody-PRO-Full-Size-Headphone-case.html?sc=2&category=744
8 is always reserved for semi-open phones by beyer's nomenclature. Full open back version would be DT1990PRO.
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