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  rusnak666,I have both DT1770PRO and DT1990PRO, and am completely agree with kman1211's impressions.the bass of 1770 hit harder than that of 1990 because they are closed back, but if you carefully listen to the sound you'll find bass of 1990 extends little deeper and has more detailed texture. So this is the matter of preference. if you like bass slam you should go to 1770, and if you want bass precision I recommend you to go to 1990. me? I love both.
 I should have written "not so bassy nor warm as previously stated in maker's description". I had T90 in my inventory and didn't like it so much due to the same reason with you.Rest assured Amiron's treble isn't sharp as T90. brighter than DT1770PRO though.
Tried Amiron Home at Headphone Festival 2016 in Tokyo.   Very positive experience with it. super natural, spacious, smooth sound. not so bassy nor overly warm. I already have DT1990pro, but Amiron is still very attractive and I'm planning buying one.   And Amiron home is surprisingly lighter in weight than DT1990/1770. even T90/T70. comfort from combination of micro velour and Alcantara is top notch.
And intel used "pentium pro" name for their sixth generation of processor achitecture. some might claim "pro" doesn't have any meaning of "plus one" in Greek or something. haha. Okay let's wait for beyerdynamic guys chime in this thread and explain.   WhatHiFi says the P9 is closed back design.
To my eyes, those are the same argue when Intel introduced "Pentium" name instead of numbers like i486SX. We used to claim "Pentium? that doesn't make sense! the numbers are better and simple!" and ended up totally getting accustomed to Pentiums and Celerons.
Received my unit today. A bit extra comfort than 1770 (thanks to softer velour pads), and the sound is simply amazing!!   
End-game earpads for T70.   Yaxi's for K240/K271 special edition earpads. I purchased these pads for my newly acquired AKG K240DF on ebay, and naturally I tried to put these on my T70s, always suffering for lack of bass despite super detailed highs.    I tried beyer's EDT770, J$ lambskin, range of Brainwavz pads so far, I dare to say this is the best. these pads surprisingly increase the amount and punch on bass(due to plastic acoustic reflex plate inside the pad),...
@MortenB, Sorry I missed your purchase report.  I've never tried Furutech cable, but a friend of mine who owns DT 1770 PRO too using the same cable and I've told he's very pleased with it. for Furutech ihp-35 is far better at handling than my ORB(which has very stiff cable, longer rubber bush on mini-XLR connecter) I guess it fits very well with your portable use purpose. ORB audio is pretty well known brand among Japanse head-fier, because of their smash-hit,...
 Today received ORB audio's Clear Force mini XLR 6.3 and very very pleased with it. I think I have finally found better cable than the stock one (stock cables are very high quality IMO) after trying several cables like AKG C200.The Clear Force sounds thick in mids and bass, add speedy and punchy nuances to kick drums and bass guitars. overall very warm but detailed sound that goes really well with my DT 1770 PRO. I'm not sure ORB cables are available outside my country,...
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