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yavormoskov,   I know nothing about Alpha pads, but Brainwavz's HM5 pads will fits your purpose very well. Those fit with 8.35D's housing perfectly, significantly reduce sound leakage, shut out environmental noises, and lot cheaper. You can also choose a color variation among black, white, red, red rimmed, and brown.
      And GMP 8.35D with Brainwavz HM5 earpads. these are brown version. So far, the HM5 pads are the best sounding for me among other earpads (Beyer DT770 Pleather pads, J$ lether pads, and Maestro's 41-6050 soft foil) I tried.       The HM5 pads are oval, but fit 8.35D's flanges nicely. isolate very well, and sound leak is dramatically reduced.
       These pictures are my recent result of pad rolling for GMP 8.35D. Earpads are JMoney Audio's leather earpads which I bought for Custom One Pro years before . So far so good, no treble boost nor base reduction. much wider soundspace.
Hi guys, Another newbie on German Maestro just jumped in!   Recently I purchased GMP 8.35D, GMP400, and GMP240 and love them all. Especially GMP 400, surprisingly good sounding headphones!     
V200's sound signature is slightly warmer side, but that doesn't effect sibilant headphones because V200 is basically a neutral sounding amplifier. I started to feel my T70s less sibilant after I acquired V800 as a DAC.   The T70 on V200 (considering T70's impedance, V100 will do) + V800 stack is amazing. they are so lively and smooth and powerful. If you have T70s I fully recommend this setup.
T5p and T70 go quite well with V200. espacially T70. Since I paired my T70s to V200, I seldom use my T5p. the pairing is that good.   Cheers.
Since I changed My DAC to Violectric V800, The treble spikes of T90s become no problem for me. I seldom find them to be badly sibilant now and I'm enjoying My T90s much than before.  Very lively, dynamic sounding headphones and I really love those.
Yeah, I'm more than satisfied with V200/V800 stack too. thanks Fried!
mentt, My V200 sounded wonky right out box. I didn't find V200 was so good amp right out of the box. But after 20 hrs burn in, V200 started to shine and turn out to be really awesome.   So, I can say it's safe for you too, to take about 20 hrs burn in time to evaluate your V200.   Cheers.
Theogenes, I forgot to mention JMoney Audio V2 Lambskin pads for beyer.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/424130/review-jmoney-audio-genuine-leather-earpads-for-beyer-dt770-880-990   Sad thing those nice genuine leather pads are already out of production, may be still available somewhere. Though I have a pair and those pads really fit my Custom One Pros, I have no idea if those would sound nice on T5p.  I'll give a try and post a report in a few days.   Cheers
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