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Uh :( understood....thanks anyway._.
I'm interested, where are you from? And overall: are they still available? :D
I can confirm the LineOut, but it works only under Neutron :( Otherwise I don't understand how to add/change dir: the player doesn't see my tracks -.-" I try from Settings, and add my SD but songs are not compared :(
OK, thanks. I will try with my E17 on the Q..
Hi guys! I'm a BlackBerry enthusiast and a keyboard-hw-lover :D I came back to a Q10, few days ago. Does it support the LOD (Line-Out-Dock), or does Q10/OS10 support LOD in general?  (I read right about this player ;) ) Thanks to all    P.S. Does anybody know what audio-chip mounts the Q10?
I'm interested in DD9, D6C or DC2, anyone at reasonable price? :) Let me know..thanks
It seems perfect  I'll be in touch, thanks a lot: very kind!
Other question: the volume-wheel is made of metal?
I hope :) Yep, my plan is to load my favourite songs, so shuffle is useless ;) Obviously I do not listen to the X1 with my BMF Fostex :D   P.S. 4 massive usage I've my loved iHP + E17 in OPT (Sysconcept) way ;) But I wanted samething more portable and a standalone piece :) clip+ + an hippobox+ with all fees costs too much so..why don't give a chance to this X1? :)
Sure, I thought my Clip+..something that doesn't need an external AMP..
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