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There is a long list here
I will see them, thanks jwusoccer
Yes, because the speakers are too much depending of room conditions, of it's acoustic and many other factors that with the headphones you don't have to worry
I can kill my little fish for one of those... 
Thanks Bill-P, the Audio Technica ES10 are a good option, but I can't find it here in Argentina :S I said that the Sennheiser Momentum are out of my range because they are €300, that's currency in Euros, an Euro is AR$6.20, and the dollar is AR$4.70, indeed this out of my range because the coin value Isn't the same.. Thanks again ;)           Idem
Its in USD, U$D: Price range: from 0 to 450 U$D What kind of model do you recommend me? Thanks Bill-P
That are definitely out of my budget, they are €300, anyhow I cant find it here in Argentina... Thanks RoMee   Great, I like the Sennheiser HD 518, I see prices and I tell you, thanks PurpleAngel
Thanks DenonFnatic, but i was looking for an over-ear ones because I like the performance that it has in the higher notes and in the bass, and i can expend a bit more of money and buy me ones that do that better that the in-ear ones. Thank you for answer.
Hello, I'm doing this thread because i want to find the correct headphones for my IPod Classic, I'm not sure of what kind of headphones should buy so i will describe my situation:   Where I will use it: In bus Train Street School Anywhere else  What kind of music I hear: Rock (Hard, Psychedelic, Acid, Classical) [Some like Jimi Hendrix, or The animals, Blue Cheer] Dubstep  Folk [Bob Dylan,  Allman Brothers Band] Other bands...
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