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  Something like this?     You can choose the information displayed in the top bar    
Have to pay for it.
Hi, if I had the correct info the ATH M-50 had 38 ohms of impedance, I don't think that an ampli make a REAL difference. BUT if you want to but a Fiio E.. go to it, I can't stop you. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!
I don't care about the interface, I had this and i like it:     Anyway, I think that in the official site should be some or something like that. Saludos desde Argentina!
You read my mind
Great comparison, I was thinking in the FiiO E11 for an IPod Classic whit a Sennheiser HD 595. Thanks for the review
When you have a 6TB of lossless music on your HDD
So... I was thinking in a FiiO E11 portable amp
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