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I see what you mean. So do you see it as a better investment in the headphones or the sound card? Probably the headphones, but I just want to make sure.
  Another thing I completely don't understand is surround sound on sound cards. Is it somehow able to make a stereo headset surround sound? Or do you need a surround sound headset? Because I hate the way surround sound works on my current headset, so I just leave it on stereo now. And aside from more channels on the DGX vs DG, is there any other difference?
Would a sound card really be necessary if I already probably have one built into my motherboard, or is the audio quality drastically better on a dedicated card? And are the MDR V6's good or how I want to use them? I had actually been planning on buying them for a while, but thought maybe they weren't the best for my usage.   Sorry, I already have a pair of decent buds, and I don't want to leave them in my ears for hours every day. It varies very greatly. During the week,...
  It's funny, since just as I was typing my post my friends on Skype were telling me they couldn't hear me, I think the mic's giving out. Great time to look for something new. And thanks for the advice. Anyone have other opinions?
I've been wanting a great pair of headphones for a while to use on my computer. I've been using Razer Megalodons for over a year now, and I'm tired of dealing with them. I plan on using them for gaming, and listening to music, which is mostly dubstep/drumstep/drum and bass/glitch hop/occasionally rap (I don't know what most of the sub genres are, but a bunch of stuff in the general techno genre). Since I always like to talk to friends, I need a mic, so probably the...
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