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  http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-AD900X-Audiophile-Open-Air-Headphones/dp/B009S331VU   This has been available for some time now.
Beside the open/closed design of the A900X and AD900X, are there any significant differences between the two?   I was quite disappointed with the build quality of the A900X. It felt way too plasticky, and did not feel sturdy at all. To me, the quality was about on par with the HARX700, which is 30-40 dollar pair of headphones.
I just opened Pandora's box didn't I?
  Let us know!
  AKG is doing it with the Q series and they stayed about the same price. All it did was introduce new colors. The lime one sells for 223 on Amazon which is a decent price.
  This would be an interesting comparison... The soundstage on the Q701/K701 is probably the most substantial from any headphone within its price. Aside from the soundstage, I find that while it doesn't do everything the "best" it does everything well.   Great videos by the way, I find them very accessible to beginners and long time enthusiasts alike. One thing you do well is clarify audio jargon (buzz words) without going too far in depth. Keep it up!
    Yep low volume but more importantly  lack of dynamics, detail. In contrast with my K701 amplified, the dt880 lacks color and just sounds dull and uninteresting. The dt880 is supposed to have decent soundstage even compared to the AKG, but for whatever reason, the soundstage is virtually non-existent.
  Do you set it to low gain (2.5X) or high gain (6.5X)?   Thanks!
Would be cool to see a NBA player wearing something other than Beats.
I noticed that with the O2 amp set on 2.5x gain,  it doesn't seem to have "enough" juice to power DT880 600ohm. Anyone else with an O2 amp have similar experiences?
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