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Okay, something really strange happened today, I put my UM 50 Pro`s into my ears only for the left earphone to make a squelching sound.   I know my ears were not wet and I keep my earphones in the stock monitor case with two silica gel packets. Taking the earphone out, there was moisture inside the left housing, I could see some condensation at the rear and a few small drops. The right one had absolutely none.   I`m really not sure how this happened, I took them for a...
Thanks for the opportunity George, the D900S will be the first wireless headset I`ve ever tested! 
 The Tomahawks have pretty much the opposite sound signature of the Monks. I personally didn`t like the Monks at all and loved the Tomahawks, but after some adjustment, the Monks sound fine. In stark comparison perhaps they sound thin, bright and metallic, but give them some time and they should sound detailed with plenty of clarity. 
I just bought a set of medium cp800`s for my Westone UM 50 Pro`s and I can`t seem to get a good fit. I tried them with a set of klipsch x10`s and Fischer DBA-02 Mkii`s and both fit perfectly, but when using them with the Westones they don`t seal, they feel kinda like the tips are collapsing into themselves, I just can`t get the right angle, any ideas?
Sorry to ressurect this thread, but I need some help with the DBA-02 MKII`s.   I`m visiting Thailand for the week and am staying quite close to Jaben. They have the DBA02 MKII on sale for ~$190 AUD. I had a look at the earphones in store and the rubberized coating felt a bit tacky. I understand that it`s an older model, but have any of you had problems regarding the coating of the housings, will this be a problem in the future and do you think the price is acceptable?...
Sennheiser ie800 > Westone UM 50 Pro >= Phonak PFE232 > Westone W30 = JVC FX-800 >> CK100 > SE535 LTD >>> Shozy Zero > Klipsch X10 >> Xiaomi Pistons 3 >> MDR AS800AP = Klipsch S4
 I tried a few tips, spiral dots, comply t400 and s400, and settled on stock too, the other tips don`t seem to jive well with Shozy`s strange vented nozzle design, in my case, resulting in congestion and veil. So I would just go with the stock tips unless you can`t get a good seal with them.  
Anyone know a good aftermarket carry case for the Cygnus? The stock case is too large for me. 
Looks like an interesting product, good luck to all participants!    Username: -ryanjsoo   Location: -Sydney, Australia   Links to reviews:  -everydaylisteningblog.wordpress.com -Reviews also in the tag under my HF username   Exposure out side the Head-fi: Blog and associated Facebook page
Nice find Alex, pretty interesting mod. I found that using spinfit tips gave a similar increase in bass presence and slam with maybe a little more texture, they`re worth a look too if you want to further tune the sound. 
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