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You can always get something like this and install it on the EM3:http://www.ippinka.com/shop/ear-hooks/
It's on Shozy's Facebook page, Shozy Star (Shozy BK) Should be identical.
Nice, I just bought a set too!
Does that Nokia support OTG? Sounds like a solid DAP with 2 week batterylife to me?
Selling a set of the universally acclaimed Westone UM 50 Pro's that I just received as a warranty replacement set from Westone. Opened and used once but have not gotten around to using them more as I've been busy with work and reviews, all stock accessories and carry case are untouched, I've only used the standard grey eartips. Fantastic set of earphones, made in the USA with 5 drivers wrapped into the wonderful Westone housing. They come from a loving, non-smoking...
I ordered the cable through Logitech when I was in the US, I contacted support and they wouldn't ship them to Australia so you might have to use a service to get the cable to your location. There was a thread that had all the links in it somewhere but it's been a while for me sorry. Aliexpress has a few good mmcx cables but you really have to look around.
You can go for the UE900 cable, it's ~$25 and has volume, also pretty thin and light. Unfortunately the remote model is blue, I guess it looks like the Baldur Mk2 in a way haha. Here's a pick with my Westone W30's (I removed the memory wire with a scalpel):  
 Have a look at this one here:http://www.meeaudio.com/CABLE-MMCX-MIC-BK/
 When people complain about the hiss on the HA-2 (original), it's more that it's not silent rather than the actual hiss being that bad. My HA-2 doesn't hiss much at all with my 11ohm Oriveti Primacy and Westone UM 50 Pro, both relatively sensitive earphones, I would say the SE would be barely audible if at all. For reference, I'm a very low level listener and easily pick up hiss on most gear.
Nice work guys! Really interesting looking headphone, fingers crossed and good luck to all participants.
New Posts  All Forums: