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I initially bought my set from DWI in HK for $450, the price was too hard to resist and I had bought gear from them before, they seemed legitimate enough, more so then eglobal at least. The ie800`s came quickly, passed the authenticity test and sounded great, but I always had a suspicion that they were fake. They developed cable hardening, and Sennheiser were nice enough to provide me with a replacement unit. The new set was different, not a lot, but over time there were...
 Thanks, still a long way to go before getting to twister`s level, actually just bought a Soundlink mini II, I might post up a review with comparisons later this week. 
Just finished my review of the RM1 here:  http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-rm1-bluetooth-remote-controller/reviews/15859   Thanks again to Fiio for sending me the device, good stuff. 
 Thanks, great review btw. I found it very true that the power/pair button is a bit small but I`m really liking the RM1 overall.
Just wondering, where do you want us to post the reviews? I don't see a section in the head gear area that the rm1 would fit under...
Just uploaded my Mrz Tomahawk review with some brief comparisons to the Fiio EM3 and Baldoor E100, they`re a real treat to listen to, probably the best before the Cygnus but the cable is horrendous! Anyone had luck re-cabling them, I like the look of the Cygnus cable, maybe I`ll give it a go... Probably won`t fit through the strain reliefs. 
Just tried the coconut conditioning trick on my old PM3 earpads, delegated to guinea pig duty, and it works really well. Have a look at my blog for the steps:   https://everydaylisteningblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/how-to-condition-pleatherfaux-leather-earpads/   The pads look as good as new!  
Thanks for the opportunity Fiio, excited to give the RM1 a go!
 Just ordered the Monk+ and ordered the Tomahawks last week. Hopefully I`ll make another comparison review in the coming weeks.
Ive been reading around and have decided on either the e18 or e17k, which one is superior sound wise? I've read a few reviews starting that the newer e17k is superior despite the numbering. I'll mainly use it with my sennheiser ie800s. Thanks for any comments.
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