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Don't forget to install project era!
Depends which s4, Qualcomm one isn't that good, New Qualcomm phones such as s800/801 have a better dac, m8 has inbuilt multiphase amp, exynos Samsung have Wolfson dac/amp, both are great for music.
You can get he shure se215 for around 60 on black Friday sales at earphonesolutions, I owned the er4s and have the se535s and I find the shures to isolate about the same if not a bit more , plus the olives are comfortable and they have vastly less microphonics
ie800, just went from se535 LTD-J to ie800 and the difference is astounding. I really like the se535`s but the bass is definitely lacking, my eyes were opened by the dynamic fx800`s which had such slamming bass from that 10mm dynamic driver and details the 535`s could only glimpse, but poor isolation meant those details were soon lost to the drone of cars and the idle chatter of public transport. Dynamic drivers have such an addictive sound, the bass moves air, acoustics...
Why not just get an android phone and install v4a viper sound app and poweramp, eq up the bass, etc. After all its just software, rocking an m8 here, awesome driving power and bass from inbuilt amp, has boomsound bass boost built in (like sony clearsound+ or beats audio), you can eq eq eq, since there is so much headroom, just turn volume up and eq down so there is no distortion.
Etymotics are highly regarded on their sq, the er4`s are beloved by many, isolation is second to none, not sure if the ety kids are any good though, but you cant go wrong with that isolation atleast. 
JVC FX700`s, only iems I have tried that sound (or feel) like headphones, they have this amazing bass that you can really feel, without bass boost of course, they feel like much larger drivers than their 10mm diaphrams, the movement of air on the bass is insane, the bass is fast and detailed, drums resonate heartily, mids are crystal clear and actually have more detail than my se535 ltd-j`s, highs are well extended and eye level with the best of the best, not to mention...
Using the effect audio Apollo cable with my se535 ltd-j, very ergonomic, super light and built well with original shure mmcx connectors and a nice staggered strain relief on the Jack, no memory wire which is much more comfy and less microphonic than stock, sound wise, bass is maybe a tad more defined, soundstage has more depth but otherwise just small improvements that make a great iem godly, especially the better ergonomics.
Well if any of you are worried about batterylife, dont be, here is my batter drain over 2 days, 6-8 hours music, browsing the web over 3g and WiFi, about an hour of watching 720p mkvs, camera, calls and maybe 30mins of gaming each day, still got enough for another one and a half days, maybe 3 if I use extreme power saver but that's no fun. Barely loses power in idle and sips even with screen on, similar if not better batterylife than my note II, maybe 20% less than my iPad... ie80 for $259!, 24hrs only
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