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rockbox for ipod classic is still "unusable port", thats why you cant use rockbox installer software. instead you will have to install program called emcore "to replace the ipod original software" then manually copy and past rockbox "6th gen port" into you memory root. just follow the instructions on this link: dont worry, you will not wreck your ipod and if you dont like it you can always restore it using itunes.
not at all. its a straight forward copy and paste files, takes about 5 min (after you download the latest version from rockbox web). i have a 90gb of music stored in my 160gb 7th gen, been using it for a whole day and no problems, no crashing, no freezing, no skipping audio.all features are complete (just make sure you get the latest release). you cant imagine the sound quality difference, if you didnt like it restore back to apple os.   i'll keep trying it for...
well to answer my self and since no body responded.   yes i've installed rockbox in my ipod classic 160gb 7th gen and i will be using it for the rest of my life, its like having a mini recording studio audio mixer in your pocket, my ipod doesent even sound like an ipod anymore. right now i have my ipod and headphones on and i cant stop smiling. i am so mad at my self for sleeping over rockbox for the past few years. its a must have.......thanks head-fi.
hi guys am new in this awesome forum. this is my very 1st post so be kind to me since 1 year i've been using this website as i guide to by headphones, amps.....etc. i just used to search and read reviews about what ever am planning to buy and it has been good to me since then........until i bought the ipod classic (thin) 160gb.   i know sound quality is relative, whats bad for me might be good for others and am not an audiophile (actually i learned this word on...
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