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So, I still am having an issue with my AK100 and Mac laptop. I can get all three drives to mount. Both the internal and the two 32gb micro sd card. I can copy my flac files to them. For some strange reason, when I go to folders on the AK100; the only files I can see are the ones I placed in the Music folder on the device. When I get info on the drives, the are all the same format MS-DOS (FAT32). I'm quite baffled and am at my wits end.
I figured it out. Just noticed that you have choose the disk connect on the player. Duh.
Hi, I just got a AK100 Mkii. For some reason when I connect it to my Mac laptop (osX 10.8.4) it's not recognizing it. I should see it as a mounted drive in a finder window, yes? Thanks
Sweet Arly! I can't wait to check it out man.  
  I played hockey with some fellas from a border town and I often saw them working as border guards. They told me that it's just a roll of the dice when it comes to who they interrogate, like every 15th car gets pulled. Gotta tell you, it was handy knowing the guards back when I would hit Minneapolis at least once a month with a ton of gear. Nothing like being waved to an empty line when your buddy is working in the busy line that you're in... "don't look up, fumble in...
  Hey Arly, nice 'gear porn'... you have the touch with your composition and angles. Thanks for the tip on the V-Modas... I luv 'em.
  I was intrigued by the LED stick... I was hoping they had a mic I was looking for, an MXL 603 but no luck.
  Now that's interesting...
  Yes, I realise that customs would be the ideal solution. Now, you've got me thinking... my buddy is using the Shure's and he says they are great.
I'm thinking about acquiring the Shure SE535, primarily as a monitor for doing live shows.   Has anyone in this local group every tried them?   I'm sure this is the wrong place to post this but I would like a take on them from this colloquial crowd
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