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Just happened to stumble upon it in a noble 4 thread... love it   so here I am looking for more! haha
I auditioned the same set of Grado's and could not agree more with the initial impression. It was so terribly bright it was hard to listen to at the usual comfortable listening volumes, really turned me off of them. Its good to know that this goes away after a short time of listening. I'm not sure how long the set has been up for audition at the store but i can only assume that it had been a short time. I was on a SS amp at the time and switched to a tube amp (can't...
i walked into a subway today at lunch, and saw at least 5 kids in there with beats around there neck. I almost died! the Head-Fi'er in me wanted to inform them all that they should have saved their money and bought something with a bit of integrity. i would be throughly impressed if i saw one with a set of momentums or something.
Must be something in the air, I also have been seriously considering a set of LCD2's. But both my wallet and my wife would not be happy!
By far the best looking headphone is the Audeze's. Something about the wood and that supple looking leather. I also really like the look of the Momentums. The stainless really adds a lot to them
Will try this tonight, Thanks for the info. Can't believe how much there is to wrap your head around.. wouldn't have thought that I would have a harder time learning about HiFi than i did learning how to work on engines! haha 
Speaking from the Magni just itself, i would think you will be ok. For your more sensitive cans, you can regulate the volume from your computer (if that is your source). If you plan on going Magni + Modi then you might have a bit of an issue. When i plug my Modi into my Retina MBP it completely bypasses the computers volume control so that the only way to adjust the volume is from the magni's pot. I really like it this way, but can see where people with sensitive...
I have experienced something similar with my HD650's. The bass just doesn't have that expected punch in some areas that i am familiar with in my go to songs. But I mostly blame this on coming from my JDS Labs C421 with it's bass boost feature and gain switch. Really pushes out the bass when you want it to. I really would like a bit more of a punch from the M/M but that is just personal preference really. Other than that though i am really loving the stack. Has brought out...
you think shipping within the US is terrible. I ordered my Magni and Modi on the 17th of Dec. and it is still not here. Tracking finally has it at my local post office but i will still have to wait till monday for it. But i guess thats what i get for ordering around the Holidays. Heres hoping i can pick it up on monday without any delays. Hopefully my USB cord will be in also on monday! If not then i guess it is my printer USB till it gets here haha!
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