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I currently use an old Apple Airport Express to stream from my PC via iTunes to the Airport which is connected to my Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver.   Most of my music is in FLAC format so I have to keep two versions of my music (FLAC and Apple ALAC).   I'd like to ditch the Airport (its old and crusty) and iTunes (duh) and also delete all the duplicate files in ALAC format.   Is it possible to stream from Google Play Music (lower quality I know), Foobar/JRiver/PonoMW...
How will the E12 do when paired with Shure 535's and a Cowon J3 or Pono?
Can we please keep this thread on topic (i.e. Pono)?
Agreed the software is crappola. I've been using Windows drag and drop with no issues
Good info from Project Update #50...   Gapless Playback  We recognize the interest from many in gapless playback support. We had every intention of supporting this at launch but were unsuccessful at having it completed in time. However, gapless playback support for lossless albums is currently under development and will be offered as a software upgrade by Q1 2015.   Multiple Album Versions with Different Resolutions  We are aware that currently in some cases multiple...
Most of what they are selling is 16/44. Give them time to build it up. The store is clearly marked beta and is not open to the public. Give it time
Thanks.  Just read Update 46
Source please? I've not read that anywhere official.
Thank you!
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