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I have a Pono and want to connect it to my receiver (in "unbalanced" mode).   What type of cable should I be using?     Links please
I need a recommendation for a cable to connect my Pono to my receiver (in "unbalanced" mode) please.
More than half of ALL your posts on HeadFi bash the Pono.  Most of your posts bashed the Pono before anyone had one.  ALL of your posts bashed Pono before you saw or heard  one.Who do you work for?
Good bad or neutral reviews, this thread makes me happy
Good to hear!
Great. I just landed in LA and my Pono landed on my doorstep in Texas
Thanks. Looking forward to hearing impressions
 Thanks!!  Mine is stuck in Louisville, KY in customs :(
Great quickie review.  Keep your thoughts coming! Do you have to transfer via Jriver?  Can you drag and drop with Windows Explorer?
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