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They may go 80%,but they do it at 30% of the cost
I predict a Starbucks style re-education of consumers
Nice to see other PJ fans here.  I also pledged for the PJ version
 $400, not $499
When will we see this available
If HDMI is connected, the Z2's screen will not turn off, causing unnecessary battery drain.   How do you turn off the Z2's screen when outputting audio only via HDMI?   Great condition.  Approximately 50-70 hours of use.  Includes original case and original sleeves.   100% original No modifications made.   No trades.  Thanks.   email roadrat AT
I just ordered a Z2 to hold me over
How much are mildly used Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi worth with all originally included accessories and case? Thinking about parting with mine.
There's only a headphone jack, but I am not entirely sure what you're aksing me.  Thanks for assisting.
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