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Wow....I did not like these IEMs.  Bass was not impressive, sounded tinny.  Returning them.  Am I alone?
I don't have a lot of experience with various IEMs....and I don't speak "audiophile" well enough to explain what I am looking for.   The only reference points I have are Shure 535s and UE TripleFi 10   I loved the UEs, for the clarity and bass.  I listen mostly to alt-rock   The 535s are good for clarity, but I much preferred the UEs   Based on this limited info, what IEMs should I consider?
Amazon had it on sale for $60 last week.  Picked one up
Hmmm. So simple. I didn't even think of using one of my many external batteries. Sometimes the obvious hides in plain sight. Thanks.
I freaking love the Pono, just wish the battery lasted longer
Agreed, but I took a gamble on the Plenue D and found the SQ close with the edge to the D. I liked the fact that it accepts 24-bit files. Today I returned it because the software is laggy and the SQ was not enough of a jump over the J3. I'm going to keep and use my brand new J3 until it dies.
Yes, its in perfect new condition with the original box etc.   I bought this as an extra one in case my first J3 died.  My first J3 is still working perfect, so I still have this brand new one in original box with Cable, Documentation, etc.  I will also include an OEM Cowon Leather Case.  The case is like new.   Sorry, no trades please.
I have a brand new Cowon J3 32GB.  Ordered it from Australia.  They found some stock hidden away.  What do you think its worth?  Anyone interested?
I currently use an old Apple Airport Express to stream from my PC via iTunes to the Airport which is connected to my Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver.   Most of my music is in FLAC format so I have to keep two versions of my music (FLAC and Apple ALAC).   I'd like to ditch the Airport (its old and crusty) and iTunes (duh) and also delete all the duplicate files in ALAC format.   Is it possible to stream from Google Play Music (lower quality I know), Foobar/JRiver/PonoMW...
How will the E12 do when paired with Shure 535's and a Cowon J3 or Pono?
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