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What does brown and green filters mean?
I love my 535's, but want to add a set of IEMs with more bass the UE TripleFi 10's.   Any suggestions?
Wow....I did not like these IEMs.  Bass was not impressive, sounded tinny.  Returning them.  Am I alone?
I don't have a lot of experience with various IEMs....and I don't speak "audiophile" well enough to explain what I am looking for.   The only reference points I have are Shure 535s and UE TripleFi 10   I loved the UEs, for the clarity and bass.  I listen mostly to alt-rock   The 535s are good for clarity, but I much preferred the UEs   Based on this limited info, what IEMs should I consider?
Amazon had it on sale for $60 last week.  Picked one up
Hmmm. So simple. I didn't even think of using one of my many external batteries. Sometimes the obvious hides in plain sight. Thanks.
I freaking love the Pono, just wish the battery lasted longer
Agreed, but I took a gamble on the Plenue D and found the SQ close with the edge to the D. I liked the fact that it accepts 24-bit files. Today I returned it because the software is laggy and the SQ was not enough of a jump over the J3. I'm going to keep and use my brand new J3 until it dies.
Yes, its in perfect new condition with the original box etc.   I bought this as an extra one in case my first J3 died.  My first J3 is still working perfect, so I still have this brand new one in original box with Cable, Documentation, etc.  I will also include an OEM Cowon Leather Case.  The case is like new.   Sorry, no trades please.
I have a brand new Cowon J3 32GB.  Ordered it from Australia.  They found some stock hidden away.  What do you think its worth?  Anyone interested?
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