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Likely, much of the realism is due to the neutrality in the harmonics of bassy instruments, right? I mean low bass isn't spatial by itself if ya know what I mean... Percussion doesn't quite give the right kick without the high frequencies being up there with the bass for example..
I hate when that happens 
This is not the HE-6 successor. The HE-560 is made to fall in between HE-6 and HE-500. HE-400i is made to replace HE-500 and render HE-400 obsolete as I see it.
Any good (preferably acoustic) tracks to judge bass performance that are not EDM? Which tracks do you use to evaluate bass performance?
So, can we get some comment on the cable (not sound, I am thinking build and feel)?
I can imagine that you'd get used to the sound as it seemed like a fairly smooth roll off or perhaps shelved down treble response.
Isn't it pretty dark sounding? The treble seemed pretty rolled off when I demoed.
I'd look forward to a 007 comparison. And hd800, he-500, maybe even 5le
I can't help marvel over the simplicity of e-stat drivers. What seperates flagship material from something like a humble, basic lambda in your opinion?
I actually considered doing a project on that subject in high school some months ago. Never got around to it. It would've been interesting, though, as it'd involve contact with the scientific world etc. Specifically the idea of individualised HRTF without measurements of the ear. I might give it a spin next year, think it's realistic?
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