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He might not have tried them for long enough, alternatively he could be lying (not implying that it is so). Else, if the headphones were at fault, the shipping with its changing pressure/climate might have fixed the problem, temporarily or permanently. Something else might have happened who knows..
I like the momentum quite a lot, but some think it is poor for the money. Thing is, I kinda understand that because their sound can easily be interpreted as 'dull' and perhaps lacking definition and fidelity. Yet, after owning them for long I think they present a very nice listen without anything sounding 'off'. They don't distract me in a negative sense, good for relaxing or having music in the background.   I just wished the comfort was better, though I can put up with...
It was of course meant in relation to the schiit amps such as Asgard 2, lyr 2 and Magni 2. As I understand it they all feature feedback, though the predecessors don't?
HD700 really divides the water. Some like it very much, many think it's a rather poor can for the price. I suggest demoing if you are thinking about buying hd700
It seems to me schiit has grown rather fond of feedback in their latest amp alteration. One hears many opinion for and against feedback. Jason or anyone else, can you perhaps sum up the pros and cons of feedback?
^Thank you, that makes sense. My biggest problem with EQ is that it often makes my headphones sound rather dull when I EQ for neutrality.
Re: running several Stax off an amp: this might stress the amp at high frequencies as the impedance will fall with higher frequency. Eventually the amp might not be able to deliver enough current. I don't think this is a problem generally speaking, though.
I can imagine it won't leave much ressidue either as it is likely to be ethanol based.
Aren't we all doing both at the same time?
A good live album over studio for me, thank you. Besides, I really like the once-in-a-while nice surprise of excellent performance and sound at small venues - last time around was Doug McLeod. Ohh, this is OT...
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