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Been down that rabbit hole too. What finally made me think about things was when I started hearing differences between my RCA cables and thought something like, "this is just... not right, can't be, insensible" That was when I started investigating and digging a little deeper.   What previously had held me back was the adaption to the norms and consensi I met, finding the people on head-fi to be quite reasonable, very knowledgeable and experienced. I was merely a noob.
They used carbon fibre so obviously it's lightweight     They must've crammed a good deal of magnets in there with a flux density of 1.5 tesla.   Nano-grade diaphragm - Hifiman influence much?   Are the pending patents an interesting read?
The problem should not be the current rating, I'd think, but rather that the trafo you used isn't designed to swing 23/900 volts. The current used by the transformer ought to be very low, ideally, as the ES headphone doesn't require much current. It'd probably be best if you could find a low current, high voltage rated trafo.   Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
1) 100,101 2) 105,478 3) 102,658
The typical capacitance of the stator-stator is in the order of 100 pF by the way.
I can calculate the effects of adding a resistor in series with the stator if you like. Mainly loss of sensitivity and high frequency roll off
What a bummer..
That is pretty extreme. Does that mean the sound will be altered too, especially the bass?
How will you coat the quartz glass?
I got parallel out on my resistor box to my stax srd-6 energiser, which has a switch for speakers or earspeakers, very neat.
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