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Might be slight volume difference despite same setting
Squeal = dust or humidity in driver
Specs are seemingly the same, save the XLR-inputs
Anyone know what's been changed with the new Stax amp, if anything (srm-353x)?
Justice for all actually sounds great on my TH-600
No one can prove you wrong when we are speaking cables as it's about beliefs anyway
That is very unprofessional and quite shocking IMO. I hope they have handled the problem accordingly, though. It should be quite easy to measure whether there's an appropriate resistor on the bias output if you know some basic electronics theory, however. And the specs of your DMM
How is that so with such a small seperation between stator-diaphragm? One would expect problems with stability, corona discharge, collapsing diaphragms and all that lovely stuff because of the very high electric field. Must yield a high sensitivity, however.
I am no electronic experts, but I do know a little about physics. The biggest problem with high capacitance in your 'stat is that it requires the amp to deliver significant current at high voltage swings, high frequencies. I have not done the calculations, but for most amps driving a single Stax headphone, playing music, I honestly do not think current delivery will be a general issue, though it certainly could be in some cases. The best way to reduce cable capacitance is...
How does the wee damage headphones? Is the bias supply resistor very low value or something?
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