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As sound stage is more about psychoacoustics than measurements it is pretty hard to measure. In other words, it is just as much about perception as it is about measurements. Besides, if you have said 2 signals, from what are they played? Headphones, speakers?
I think constant noise degrades the experience quite significantly with open headphones.
Generally, solid state amps and DACs are transparent, or so I hear. So there's a good chance that what you hear is your mind playing tricks.
HP50 stands really strong against the competition, I keep getting back to that phone when auditioning in my local hifi store. Don't bother too much about amps and DACs, it'll probably come around eventually.. Anyway
A myth (?) I've found when reading up on current amps: Say we have a low Z negative feedback amp the reactive elements of the speaker and oscillations will induce current at the speaker amp output which will wreck havoc with the negative feedback.    Can someone help me elaborate and perhaps help me understand negative feedback better?
Does the plug appear the same as ur other headphones, any differences?
There's also the ODAC
^exactly my thoughts. Just go ahead and do it
Detailed sound and separation generally means low distortion and extended treble in terms of specs.
If you can do some reading on the subject and ask some more specific questions it is easier to help.. 
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