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No, just parroting what I hear
Yes, very much so!
Of course I have and it works fine for foobar for example. Not spotify, though.
The 560 and hd800 are hardly comparable. Perhaps the 560 gets closer than many other planars, but still. To my ears the hd800 is technically superior except in the bass, but the overall sound is very different and 560 doesn't have the FR related 'flaws' of the hd800 in the treble.
For the price it tends to cost, I'm not sure. Pro sigma or even better 404 sigma. Normal bias sigma is also fine I suppose. I have that one. Anyway the sigma is pretty coloured, be aware of that
Quite interesting analogsurviver! Could probably be a fine upgrade, perhaps with a passive pre-amp if input impedance allows.
Imaging is great but soundstage size is rather small and I have a hard time getting past the sensation that I have drivers next to my ears.
Can't speak for lamba NB but LS lacks in soundstage IMO. Else it sounds very good, great air.
The lambdas are mostly decent with orchestral, varies a bit from model to model, but generally they lack in soundstage and just do some other types of music better, like chamber music.
Yet, you still need some kind of processing to determine whether you got all the bits correct eg. to avoid jitter. A buffer gives more room for corrections, doesn't correct by itself.
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