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Schiit Magni. I like their products, though never owned nor heard..
The obh 11 seems very poor to me.
This is an interesting subject. Some time ago I suspected headphones, especially planars giving me headache. Never got to the bottom of it. I do feel less closed in and more clear headed with electrostats on. It might all be placebo and thought up.
If you want a better measurement try to make a cardboard cutout for your phone so the headphone is sealed.
Sounds like loud to me. You should know that measuring with your phone gets you a very rough estimate.
Mad dogs, though you'd need better amplification.
Philips fidelio x1 might be worthwhile.
Are you sure about the se215? The rha ma750 is already considered a bass head iem to my knowledge, and dude wants significantly more bass kick it seems. I thank you for the replies, though.
Friend got his RHA ma-750. He says he wants more bass, especially bass kick. Any suggestions? He listens to House and Hardstyle. Help me here    So far I am thinking about making a proper EQ setting for him or something, see if that helps.
The Stax fart?
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