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Read here in this thread in the silence :-) And now I bought an Master 7 with M2Tech Evo I2S adaptor. What a gret upgrade from AudioGD Sa 1.32, The master 7 sounds huge. I am using coax from Cd player to the dac, and found that the bnc input sounds more chill and laid back than the coax rca input,, someone tried to use different inputs from the same source? :-) Tor-S, Norway
HI.    I neeed scematics for the mainboard, do not need schematics for the headphoneamp :-)
Hi. Does someone have Schematics for the Zero Dac ? (With USB)   tor_steve@hotmail.com   Thnx :-)
I have tested the dac further. The heatsinks is not very hot, no problem to touch every component in the dac while it's in use. The BB627 is also getting a little warm, but no problem to touch it either.     Have checked the underside of the mainboard for solder points, but eveything looks ok.   Dont know what to do :-(   The popsounds is coming when the music og sound is nearly quiet, when its just ambient sounds its worst. And its exactly the same from optical, coax and...
Okey. Thank you :)   I will check it out. If they are too hot, is it possible that they make/generate pop sounds?
Yes. It seems ok for me too. It sounds like digital noise, the pop sounds..   I see pepole who modify their Zero, they mount bigger heat exchangers on the black 3 legs "things" in the dac :D   Amarok Example:       Should i do it? :)
  Hi..   So you mean that something is too hot to make clear sound?   what should i look after in the amp ? I hate that its not working popertly :(   I have tried it with a lot of sources, cd players, ps3, computers, with different opa amps, but it is the same on every source :-/ Different usb cables and different toslink cables, even tried it in a other house.   So i bought a new Dual BB627, it was quiet for about 6hours with that Amps (happy then :D), but now it popping...
The same pop and krackle sounds it coming out LINE OUT too... btw
I tred it now. YES, the same krackle / pop sounds is coming trough LINE OUT.
Hi.   Using a Laptop as pre. source. Have tried 2 different usb cables, tried take out the power supply (on laptop), have tried a few CD players with optical out, Ps3 on optical, every source make pop and krackle sounds.   BUT, sometimes the pop / krackle sounds disappear, and i get clean sound. But i cant find any pattern when this happend :(  It can be clean sound when i play ps3, but without touching the Zero, the sound goes over to pop and krackle sounds in...
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