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Did you change back to original firmware or did you keep the new one?
On some jumper settings i agree there is som shifting to the left that have almost driven me crazy because i thought it was speaker imbalance (dying diskant).But not with this setting i mentioned over here. The vocal and everything is dead center. Remember to have a jumper on bypass aswell.  As we experience here now, we have alle different perception of whats "corrent" sound, we have different taste and different.
 All the jumpers is on except for DITH.  It plays very well with the jumper on DITH too
Did the "downgrade" to the old version today and its sounds magic again. Warm, relaxed sound with the natural strong vocals and the extremely good reproduction of pianos.   Thanks to Kingwa for great and fast service. Will sleep well tonight :-) 
I do agree at some point that the DAC has improven the timing and more detail in the upper mid, treble. For me the i vould have kept the new software if the vocals and the cymbals was a bit more laid back. Now im getting tired of the sound. The old software did take the breath of me playing Rammstein and Roger Waters. We are two here on the Headfi forum that have the same perception of the new software.
why is brighter better?
Done the upgrade yesterday and it sound terrible bright and sharp. The analog magic sounding is gone with this update.Digital sound and vocal too much forward, the rest of the instruments disappear.    1. disagree, feel that the bass is the same, but tighter. 2. agree3. agreeEqualizer @ W: agree Think twice before "upgrading" the powerful and analog sounding Master 7.  Will install the old software again.
Are there break in time for the new software?
Let us know what he say about the Amanero upgrade after softwareupgrade.
Just a tip, for everyone struggeling with the settings. I have tried all combinations over a year now and this setup is the best sounding here. If PLL is activated i loose some bass and the sound is getting brighter.
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